How Tall Do You Need to Be to Dunk? This is an age old question practically eincredibly basketround player asks at some suggest in time. This is particularly true nowadays thanks to YouTube and Instagram wbelow you view your favorite NBA players dunk in the time of games.

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Of course, you desire to go to the area court and emulate their moves.

But you’re not as tall as they are. So, the question starts to come up, in the hopes that you’ll be at some point able to dunk yourself.

In this short article, I’ll tell you exactly just how tall you need to be to dunk.

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How Tall Do You Need to Be to Dunk?

Simple answer is 5’2” or taller. At least for now.


That’s because 5’2” tall is the height of the shortest guy to dunk as far as I recognize. Because of this, if he deserve to carry out it, then you at leastern have a opportunity if you’re the same height or taller.

That sassist, the lengthy answer is a little bit more complex.

The reason is just how tall you should be to dunk will differ on a few things. I’ll lay them out listed below. These include:

Your HeightYour Standing Reach

Then, there’s the elevation of the rim.

If you desire to dunk on a regulation court, then the height of the rim will be 10 feet.

Now for the great and poor news.

The excellent news is, no matter what elevation you are, you perform have a chance because there is one variable that can readjust.

The negative news is, unless you’re still growing, two of the 3 variables are favored addressed or will certainly not adjust.

I’ll describe every little thing in the next sections.

Your Height

Your height is exactly how tall you are. Because you’ll be playing or dunking via shoes on, you can too measure your elevation with shoes. (That’s unmuch less you setup on playing barefoot).

From many NBA measurements, their heights with and without shoes will vary by 1.25 to 1.5 inches. Of course, you deserve to constantly wear insoles also to include a little little even more.

However before, if you’ve currently matured, opportunities are, besides wearing shoes and also insoles tbelow really isn’t a lot you deserve to perform to increase your elevation (at leastern not without painful surgery).

So, you’re essentially stuck with it.

Standing Reach


Standing reach is the second element in the equation.

Standing reach is measured by standing flatfooted on the ground and elevating your hands right up right into the air. The measurement here is your standing reach.

In brief, it is how high you deserve to reach from a standstill place.

In huge part, this has to execute through wingexpectations. And you probably already know that some people have much longer or shorter arms.

Height and Wingexpectations Relationship

When it concerns wingspan tbelow are a few important points to know:

Often (yet not always), the taller perkid has the longer wingexpectations.In general, the average perboy has actually the exact same wingspan as their elevation.Many NBA players have above average wingspans.

Let’s take the second one first.

That suggests that if you are 5’10” tall or 70 inches in height, wingexpectancy will certainly normally be 70 inches too.

The ideal means to measure your wingexpectations is to lift your arms right out to your sides shoulder elevation. Then, have a friend meacertain from fingerreminder to fingerguideline. That’s your wingexpectations.

Keep in mind that the 1:1 proportion is for most civilization. However, some people have actually shorter wingspans compared to their elevation. So, if you have actually short arms, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

On the other hand also, if you have lengthy arms, you have a far better chance of dunking compared to the perkid who has actually the same height yet shorter arms than you.

Therefore, the initially statement over provides feeling.

If many peoples’ wingspan are the exact same length as their elevation, then taller civilization have longer wingspans.

However before, this is not constantly the instance.

Take for instance Michael Jordan and also Kobe Bryant. Without shoes, both were about 6’4” and also a bit, but under 6’5”. However before, they have actually freakishly long arms.

Both their wingspans were at least 6’9” lengthy through Jordan’s being much longer than Kobe’s.

Thus, compare them with an average 6’9” perkid, they’d have comparable wingspans.

That shelp, bereason the average 6’9” perboy is taller, he’d end up with a greater standing reach despite having actually exact same wingexpectations given that Jordan and also Kobe are shorter than he is.

That’s why the 2 NBA Hall of Famers, functioned difficult on the 3rd aspect, which is their vertical jump.

Most NBA Players have longer wingspan.

The various other point you’ll notice if you look with the NBA Draft Combine measurements is that the average NBA player has a much longer wingspan to their height.

In component, this is “survival of the fittest” at play considering that these God-provided presents aided them outplay shorter players not only because of their height yet likewise their length.

On average, the NBA Draft Combine attendee’s wingexpectations is around 1.35x their height. Of course, tbelow are some remarkable exceptions (on both ends).

Steph Curry for instance has actually an average wingspan since it is more or much less approximately the very same length as his elevation.

On the various other hand also, Giannis Antetokounmpo is 6’11” tall with a 7’4” wingexpectancy. This offers him a 9’2” standing reach.

This indicates he just needs 8 inches to reach the rim. Add around 6 inches for the round to gain with the rim and also he only demands a 14 inch vertical to dunk.

So, even if Giannis Antetokounmpo was not athletic, in all likelihood, he’d still be able to dunk.

That’s why elevation, wingspan and also standing reach are incredibly important.

Vertical Jump Height


The downside to height, wingexpectations and also standing reach is that unmuch less you’re still an adolescent and flourishing, you cannot change them anymore.

Basically, you’re stuck with what your genes offer you.

This is wbelow vertical jump comes in.

Vertical jump is the “equalizer” so to soptimal. And it is why a 5’2” perboy have the right to dunk.

However, as our example via Giannis Antetokounmpo reflects, the taller you are, the much less you should jump to dunk.

In comparison, the shorter you are, the even more you need to jump.

Because of this, you can pretty much amount up how tall carry out you should be to dunk in an equation.

Standing Reach = Rim Height – Vertical Jump + 6 inches

Rim elevation = 10 feetStanding reach = exactly how high your hands reach as soon as you lift them up right into the air right up. It is a role of your height and also wingexpectations.Vertical Jump = just how high you deserve to jump (preferably through a running start)6 inches = the additional elevation you have to get the ball above the rim to slam it down

How to Measure Your Vertical Jump to Dunk

However, as nice as that equation looks, it is not useful to look at it from that perspective.


You cannot readjust your elevation or standing reach. And even if you’re still prospering, there’s just no means to control exactly how tall you eventually gain or how long your arms will be.

Because of this, it is much better to look at points from the point of watch or angle where you can adjust points.

This is through your vertical jump.

A quick means to number out your goals is to learn how to measure vertical jump. Then, execute the vertical jump test.

For this reason, a more valuable way of looking at the equation is to figure out the vertical jump essential to dunk. To carry out that, we’ll use the very same equation but move the components around a little.

Vertical Jump Needed to Dunk = Rim Height – Standing Reach + 6 inches

This means:

The vertical jump you must achieve in order to dunk is equal to:

The height of the rim (10 feet) minus your standing reach. Then add 6 inches for the sphere.

So for example, you are 5’9” tall with about an 8 foot standing reach.

This means:

To reach the rim = 10 feet (120 inches) – 8 feet (96 inches) = 24 inches

Therefore, if you deserve to attain a 24 inch vertical, you’ll be able to grab the rim.

To dunk via a constant sized basketball = 10 feet (120 inches) – 8 feet (96 inches) + 6 inches = 30 inches

So, as a 5’9” perchild with an 8 foot standing reach, you require a 30 inch vertical jump to dunk.

The key right here is that your elevation affects your standing reach. And so does your wingexpectancy.

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From there, all you need to carry out is figure out exactly how high you have to jump in order to dunk.