“This book is a contemporary classic—a shrewd and spirited guide to protecting ourselves from the jerks, bullies, tyrants, and trolls that seek to desuppose. We desperately require this antidote to the a-holes in our midst.”—Daniel H. Pink, best-marketing writer of To Sell Is Human being and DriveHow to avoid, outwit, and disarm assholes, from the writer of the classical The No Asshole Rule  As entertaining as it is useful, The Asshole Survival Guide delivers a cogent and organized game plan for anybody who feels plagued by assholes. Sutton starts via diagnosis—what kind of asshole problem, precisely, are you dealing with? From there, he gives field‑tested, evidence‑based, and often surpclimbing tactics for dealing with assholes—preventing them, outwitting them, disarming them, sfinishing them packing, and emerging protective mental armor. Sutton also teaches readers just how to look inward to stifle their very own inner jackass.             At some point, this survival overview is about occurring an outlook and also individual setup that will aid you preserve the sanity in your work-related life, and also rescue all those perfectly good days from being damaged by some jerk.   “Thought-provoking and frequently hilarious . . . An indispensable reresource.”—Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of The Delight Project and also Better Than Before   “At last . . . clear procedures for rejecting, deflecting, and deflating the jerks that blight our lives . . . Useful, evidence-based, and also fun to read.”—Robert Cialdini, best-selling writer of Influence and Pre-Suasion  

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ROBERT SUTTON is a Stanford University professor and also author of six monitoring books, consisting of the New York Times bestsellers The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss. He is an IDEO fellow and also cofounder of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and also the Stanford Design Institute.

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Table of Contents

1 Eight Thousand Emails 12 Asshole Assessment: How Bad Is the Problem? 143 Make a Clean Getamethod 374 Asshole Avoidance Techniques: Reducing Your Expocertain 675 Mind Tricks That Protect Your Soul 966 Fighting Back 1237 Be Part of the Systems, Not the Problem 158Your Stories and Ideas 185Acknowledgments 186Notes 190Index 207

Editorial Reviews

Whether it is the alleged behavior of the newly deposed chief executive of Uber, Travis Kalanick, the plenty of situations of road rage and air rage, or the constant stream of stories of abuse on social media, it is clear we are living in an era once many civilization struggle to be civil in the direction of each various other . . . Sutton provides a range of techniques that human being experiencing the existence of tough individuals at their job-related, in their sports groups, or simply in daily life can employ to attend to them or fight earlier. There is also assist with finding out whether or not you are an asshole yourself — and what to carry out about it if you do somepoint that renders you one . . . This is a little book yet it can play a huge component in making us treat others better.” —Forbes “If everyone had actually phelp attention to the Stanford organization professor’s best-selling 2007 administration manifesto, The No Asshole Rule, tbelow would be no require for a follow-up. Yet below we are.” —Esquire “Sutton’s breezy composing style, linked with the wide variety of anecdotes and stories from people who’ve composed him around their difficulties, makes for an entertaining read . . . Consider that the physical book itself can be a solution to an a-hole at occupational. Much favor the effect Sutton’s initially book reportedly has actually had actually, ssuggest leaving The Asshole Survival Guide prominently on your desk might sfinish all the signal you require.”—SmartUp “In this most-welcome sequel to Sutton’s best-marketing The No Asshole Rule, the author turns from an organization-wide perspective to an individual one, outlining techniques for managing difficult civilization at occupational. Readers will certainly shake their heads—both in horror and also recognition—at Sutton’s real-life examples of egregious habits. However, Sutton likewise shares true stories, provided by readers, of effective techniques for thwarting the bullies. The book’s thoughtful, well-ordered framework starts with the topic of determining how negative the problem is. Later, Sutton discusses how to graciously departure a poor workplace. If that’s not an choice, then tbelow are tricks for coping, such as the one common by a West Point cadet that readjusted her perspective on her hazers’ behavior and involved think of it as ridiculous quite than hurtful. Many tactics are gave for decreasing exposure to jerks or mentally excutilizing oneself once this proves difficult. The final strategy Sutton shares is simply fighting ago, while still weighing the aftermath of doing so. At the conclusion, Sutton turns the mirror on his readers, urging them to recognize when they behave actually badly and to stop themselves from contributing to the workplace’s—and also world’s—already too big population of assholes.” —Publishers Weekly “Bob Sutton is very wise and exceptionally funny, AND he can tell you exactly just how to handle the unfortunate reality that right into every life a few assholes must autumn. The Asshole Survival Guide is destined to come to be your go-to resource whenever you discover yourself dealing with human being who would treat you poorly.”—Susan Cain, New York Times best-selling writer of Quiet   “At last someone has offered clear steps for rejecting, deflecting, and also deflating the jerks who blight our resides. Better still, that someone is the good Bob Sutton, which ensures that the information is valuable, evidence-based, and fun to check out.”—Robert Cialdini, writer of New York Times bestsellers Influence and also Pre-Suasion “No issue what sector or profession you work in, you will certainly always enrespond to world who are unpleasant, off-placing, or downideal self-centered. Thank goodness Bob Sutton has offered us via such a well-crafted overview for surviving these jerks. It is mandatory reading for anyone that strives to endure, escape, fend-off, and lug them dvery own.”—Chip Conley, founder and also previous CEO of Joie de Vivre hotels, advisor and also previous head of global hospitality and also strategy at Airbnb, and also writer of four publications, consisting of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Equations   “With humor, understanding, and detailed research—and also an ah-ha minute on eexceptionally page—this is a must-have for leaders and also climbing stars alike, from the professional on the subject. Bravo!”—Marshall Goldsmith, writer of the #1 New York Times bestseller Triggers   “This is the overview you need for dealing with the worst people in your life—and also making certain they don’t rub off on you. If you’ve ever had actually a horrible boss, client, or colleague, this book is bursting through advice that’s frequently ingenious and constantly actionable. And if your world has been free of jerks, take into consideration this an insurance policy.”—Adam Grant, New York Times best-offering writer of Give and also Take and Originals, and also cowriter of Option B   “Assholes are like the weather—everybody comlevels about them however nobody ever does anything about them. Until, that is, Robert Sutton’s Asshole Survival Guide. Sutton supplies a wide range of useful, and also dare I say wise suggestions around just how to determine and also attend to the assholes in your organization, or at least minimize the damages they do to the wellness and also productivity of others. (I’d additionally imply bringing it alengthy to family reunions and also PTA meetings.)”—Geoff Nunberg, College of The golden state, Berkeley, writer of Ascent of the A-Word: Assholism, the First Sixty Years.   “One of the biggest impediments to achieving a good workarea is assholes. Their actions creates a hostile work-related atmosphere that leads to reduced engagement, performance, and also employee loyalty. Bob Sutton has composed a great book that describes the severity of the difficulty and also provides useful tactics for managing it.”—Paul Purcell, chairguy and former long-time CEO of Baird, ranked fourth on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For and renowned for its long-time “no assholes” policy   “Reading The Asshole Survival Guide made me wistful. If only Bob Sutton’s book had actually been accessible to help me deal with the full complement of first-course assholes I’ve encountered in my 50-year professional life. No names shall be mentioned.”—Tom Peters, cowriter of the bestseller In Search Of Excellence   “First, The No Asshole Rule alerted us to the problem. Now, The Asshole Survival Guide provides the solution. This book is a contemporary classic—a shrewd and spirited guide to reducing our expocertain and also protecting ourselves from the jerks, bullies, tyrants, and also trolls that seek to dispirit and also deexpect. Now more than ever, with civility and decency under attack, we desperately require this antidote to the a-holes in our midst.”—Daniel H. Pink, best-selling writer of To Sell Is Human and also Drive   “As much as we attempt to avoid assholes, inevitably they appear in our lives. Bob Sutton offers us a menu of clear, thoughtful, and also useful options for making it through and prospering in those painful instances. With cutting-edge research and also real-life examples that are thought-provoking and regularly hilarious, The Asshole Survival Guide is an indispensable resource.”—Gretchen Rubin, best-marketing author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before   “It’s tough to recognize exactly how to react to a jerk, so The Asshole Survival Guide is a godsend. Obnoxious actions is a dual whammy. First, you feel mad at the various other perboy. Next, you feel mad at yourself for your response / lack of response. It’s being mad at yourself that is both difficult to be mindful of, and is a lot of debilitating. With this brilliant and also funny book, Bob Sutton conserves you from are afraid, loathing, and also self-loathing!”—Kim Scott, author of the New York Times bestseller Radical Candor, cofounder of Candor, Inc, and previous executive at Google and also Apple