For a number of months we experienced NBA teams hustling to acquire to the NBA Finals and also bag a championship for themselves. Although did you ever sheight to think around what the winner will certainly take home once they accomplished that feat? It is the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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Holding that trophy in their hands is the a lot of honorable thing an NBA Player can ever feel. That is precisely what the Lakers and also Miami Heat are hoping to gain their hands on this year.

The Los Angeles Lakers are leading the NBA Finals by 3-2. After an excellent win by Miami Heat, effectively forcing a Video Game 6, the fight has actually simply come to be more exciting. However before, let’s focus on obtaining to know even more about the Larry O’Brien trophy.

NBA championship trophy Origin

Although this trophy holds great meaning in NBA’s landscape, only a handful of civilization know that Larry O’Brien is. According to Sports Casting, the trophy offered to champions was simply dubbed the NBA Finals Trophy; yet, it was recalled as the Wtransform A. Brown Trophy as a nod to the Boston Celtics founder, that played an essential duty in the league’s development.


In 1984, the cup was renamed as the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Larry was the third commissioner of the NBA, and also the former Article Master General was integral to the advance of the NBA from 1975 to 84.

He is directly responsible for the league’s growth from 18 to 23 teams, and also he is additionally attributed for making the ABA/NBA merger a fact.


The Trophy is a depiction of a regular-sized basketball entering the net. This 24-inch tall masterpiece is constructed of 16 points of sterling silver and an overlay of 24-karat gold.


Carefully designed by renowned jeweler, Tiffany and Co., it is no surprise that it costs a fortune. The $13,500 trophy might sound expensive yet still drops way below the NFL trophy that will certainly collection you back by approximately $50,000.

This exquisite piece holds more value than its price tag claims. Only an NBA player knows the true worth of obtaining this prestigious trophy.

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Who carry out you think will certainly take this pricemuch less possession residence this year? Will it be the Lakers or the Miami Heat?

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