This article will reveal to you the precise and also real-time Moneygram exreadjust rate for today in various nations in the world. The exchange rates for countries spanned in this article are that of Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Philippines, Mexico, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc. If you reside in any kind of of these nations and also wish to have an upday of the Moneygram exchange price for today, then you have the right to ssuggest bookmark this web page in your internet browser because they will certainly be updated frequently.

Why Sending Money with Moneygram is Important

If you are a businessmale or you have household and also loved ones awide, then you should recognize the prominence of sfinishing money through Moneygram. First of all, it is a secured mechanism, and it creates the chance for you to move money to your business companion or family and friends throughout the civilization with ease. It is just choose Western Union, and also I have actually composed about Western Union exadjust rates in a previous post. As this write-up is dedicated to all Moneygram customers, then we shall be looking at the Moneygram exreadjust rate for now in different nations in the world.

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The real factor why I am compiling this exreadjust price is for you to have actually a much better knowledge of the precise amount you will certainly be receiving when someone sends you money from abroad with Moneygram.

But before we process,let me present you what Moneygram is all around.

What is Moneygram?

Moneygram is aninternational financial business provider, whose main attribute or company is totransport money worldwide. They are also associated in money orders, prepaidcards, bill payment solutions, money transfers to inmates and governmentpayments.


Moneygram Inc was started in 1940 and also has actually its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is the second-largest provider of money transfers in the totality world, this is certainly after Western Union.

How Does a Moneygram Works?

A Moneygram is simply an electronic transfer initiated from one party to another via the Moneygram network-related. Anyone have the right to send a money deliver virtual using the website or preferably show up in perchild at any kind of Moneygram office located in your nation of residence. Once the deliver is initiated, the receiving party then collects the transferred money in cash at any kind of Moneygram place in his or her country of residence.

Now, you have actually gained a better principle of what this financial company provider is all around, let me currently display you the assorted Moneygram exchange rate for this day in assorted countries. This post ssuggest covers simply the 3 major currencies in the civilization, which are Dollars, Pounds, and also Euros. This simply implies you shall be seeing the exact Moneygram exadjust price for now in your country’s money through that of Dollars, Pounds, and also Euros.

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Moneygram Exchange Rate For Today in Nigeria

The Moneygram exadjust price to Naira in Nigeria this particular day is as follows:

1 Dollar = NGN 480

1 Pounds = NGN 580

1 Euro = NGN 500

Moneygram Exadjust Rate for Today in India

The Moneygram exreadjust rate for Indian Rupees is as follows:

1 Dollar = INR 75

1 Pounds = INR 94

1 Euro = INR 82

Moneygram Exadjust Rate in Nepal Today

The Moneygram exchange rate for Nepalese Rupees is as follows

1 Dollar = NPR 120

1 Pounds = NPR 151

1 Euro = NPR 131

Moneygram Exreadjust Rate for Jamaica

The Moneygram exadjust rate for this day in Jamaica is as follows:

1 Dollar = JMD 141

1 Pounds = JMD 177

1 Euro = JMD 154

Moneygram Exchange Rate for Mexico

The Moneygram exadjust price for Mexico this particular day is as follows:

1 Dollar = MXN 24

1 Pounds = MXN 30

1 Euro = MXN 26

Moneygram Exreadjust Rate in Ghana

The Moneygram exreadjust price in Ghana as at this particular day is as follows:

1 Dollar = GHS 5

1 Pounds = GHS 7

1 Euro = GHS 6

Moneygram Exadjust Rate for Today in Cape Verde

The Moneygram exreadjust price in Cape Verde for today is as follows:

1 Dollar = CVE 101

1 Pounds = CVE 128

1 Euro = CVE 111

Moneygram Exadjust Rate for Today in Philippine

The Moneygram exchange rate Dollar to Peso plus other currencies are asfollows:

1 Dollar = PHP 50

1 Pounds = PHP 63

1 Euro = PHP 55

Moneygram Exadjust Rate in Sierra Leone

The Moneygram exchange price in Sierra Leone now is as follows:

1 Dollar = SLL 9,830

1 Pounds = SLL 12,379

1 Euro = SLL 10,766

Moneygram Exchange Rate for Bangladesh

The Moneygram exreadjust rate for Bangladesh is as follows:

1 Dollar = BDT 84

1 Pounds = BDT 107

1 Euro = BDT 93

Moneygram Exreadjust Rate for Kenya Today

The Moneygram exchange rate for Kenya this day is as follows:

1 Dollar = KSH 107

1 Pounds = KSH 135

1 Euro = KSH 117

Moneygram Exreadjust Rate in South Africa Today

The Moneygram exadjust price in South Africa this particular day are as complies with.

1 Dollar = ZAR 18

1 Pounds = ZAR 23

1 Euro = ZAR 20


These are the real-time, Moneygram exadjust rate for now inthe assorted nations noted in this article. Like you already understand, they are notsolved, for this reason they fluctuate periodically. This is the more reason the figuresare updated in real-time so as to give you the latest and also correct prices. Alwaysinspect on this web page for updates.