From the Shadowmuch less Charizard to a solid gold Pikachu, below are the a lot of expensive Pokémon cards ever made.
Image: Heritage Auctions
About Pokemon Trading Card Game

Released: 1996

Players: 2

Rules complexity: Medium

Strategic depth: Medium

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

There"s a vast amount of Pokemon out there and also also even more Pokemon Trading Cards, raging from prevalent pidgeys to rare and useful legendary cards, or even better. And helpful really is the word, via some Pokemon TCG memorabilia going for hundreds of countless dollars recently. That"s why we"ve put together this list of the rarest and also a lot of expensive Pokemon cards, so you know for certain what"s hiding in your attic.

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Rare and also valuable Pokémon cards

Interemainder in Pokémon and the Pokémon card game has actually just ongoing to grow in recent years, with multiple card sales at auction establishing brand-new records in 2019 and also 2020 alone, so there’s never before been a better time to rifle via your collection and watch if you very own among the rarest Pokémon cards of all time. Aren’t you at leastern a tiny curious? Tright here can be a retirement money waiting in your attic.

13. 20th Anniversary 24-karat Gold Pikachu

A rare card made of solid gold

Sold for 216,000 yen ($2,081) in October 2016

The card is a reprint of the game"s original Pikachu, albeit one made out of solid 24-karat gold. Image: Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Video Game Freak

While many kind of of the rarest Pokémon cards are cards released in the time of the first years of the game, this card is an exception in that it showed up for the initially time just a few years ago in 2016 to celebrate the Pokémon TCG’s 20th anniversary.

What renders the 20th Anniversary Pikachu card additional one-of-a-kind is the reality it’s made out of solid gold. 11 grammes of 24-karat gold, in reality. Japanese jewellery maker Ginza Tanaka produced a limited variety of solid gold cards based on the original Japanese Pikachu card - affectionately nicknamed ‘Fat Pikachu’ as a result of the electrical mouse’s distinctive chubby cheeks in its original design.

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The only method to acquire a copy of the gold Pikachu was to enter a lottery organized in 2016. If you won, you were given the possibility to buy a copy of the limited-edition card for 216,000 yen - or roughly $2,081/£1,700. It came in a special structure and box noting the anniversary, which you’d hope can save it safe offered the price tag and also rarity.

Although the card recreates the original Pikachu card - including the Pocket Monsters Card Game logo design on the earlier and also its Japanese text on the front - it’s actually not legal for usage in tournaments. You understand, bereason it’s made of gold. We probably wouldn’t recommend trading it in the schoolyard either, unless your friend has a Rolls-Royce to offer you in rerotate.

12. Prerelease Raichu

A card so rare it might simply be rumour

Reportedly sold for $10,500 in April 2009

Fact or fiction? Prerelease Raichu might be the raremainder Pokémon card of all time - if it"s actual, that is.

Perhaps the many controversial Pokémon card of all time, Prerelease Raichu may additionally be the rarest Pokémon card ever made - in fact, it’s so rare that finding out precise details is tricky.

Prerelease Raichu was lengthy rumoured to be a card printed by error in the run-as much as the English-language release of the Pokémon TCG’s second expansion, Jungle, in 1999. So the story goes, a really small number - said to approximately 100 - of Raichu cards from the game’s Base Set were accidentally republished through the word “Prerelease” stamped in the bottom-ideal of the card artwork-related. The game’s English manufacturer, Wizards of the Coast, supposedly ruined all however a portion of the duplicates, leaving 10 or fewer in the wild. The few staying copies are thought to have actually been given to Wizards of the Coast staff.

For years, Prerelease Raichu was only rumoured to exist, till a copy believed to be genuine surconfronted from a former Wizards of the Coast employee in 2006. In 2009, the first and seemingly only taped sale of a Prerelease Raichu was reported by fan site PokeGym, supposedly transforming hands for $10,500. However, offered the completion day of April 1st, whether the sale was real or an elaborate April Fool’s prank stays dubious.

Whether Prerelease Raichu actually exists remains in contention - no copies of the card have actually even been professionally certified or offered at auction, despite a variety of evident fakes popping up over the years. If a legitimate copy of the card were to surface, it might well set a brand-new document for the most practical and raremainder Pokémon card of all time. Until then, it will reprimary a true Holy Grail.

11. Master’s Key

A more recent card - however no less rare

Sold for $21,000 in November 2019

Master"s Key is just one of the rare Pokémon cards that doesn"t date back to the TCG"s early on days. Image: PWCC

Master’s Key is an additional rare Pokémon card awarded to participants in a Pokémon TCG tournament. However before, unprefer No. 1 Trainer and its ilk, this card is a tiny even more current, being given to rivals in the 2010 Pokémon World Championships organized in Hawaii.

Both those participating in the trading card game tournament and its video game counterpart got a copy of Master’s Key - the cards were the same, yet came presented in a various trophy situation framework relying on the category.

Only 36 copies of the card are estimated to exist - equal to the number of participants in all age divisions of the world championships.

A copy of the Master’s Key card marketed at auction in November 2019 for even more than $21,000, highlighting just how valuable the rare prize card is.

10. Espeon and Umbreon Gold Star POP Series 5

A pair of Gold Star Pokémon cards from one of the many useful Pokémon sets of all time

Sold for $22,000 in February 2021

The Gold Star Pokémon cards are among the the majority of handy Pokémon sets ever before developed, through Espeon and Umbreon 2 of the rarest cards in the collection.

Gold Star Pokémon cards are among the most useful sets of Pokémon cards in existence and also command also an very high worth as a result. The cards are called after the gold star that shows up beside the Pokémon’s name at the optimal of the card, which signifies that the card features alternative-colour artwork various from the common variation. Only 27 Gold Star cards were released from 2004 to 2007, making them some of the raremainder Pokémon cards accessible.

While every one of the Gold Star Pokémon cards are rare, just appearing as soon as in around eexceptionally 88 booster packs (or 2 booster boxes) for specific Pokémon TCG expansions, the exceptionally raremainder are the ‘Eeveelutions’ - the many type of evolutions right into which basic Gen 1 Pokémon Eevee can evolve. And the raremainder of the raremainder are the original Japanese-language versions of the cards available to members of the Pokémon Players Club, who could spend points earned by participating in official organised play and also tournaments to obtain exclusive cards.

While Eeveelutions Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon might be acquired in the EX Power Keepers collection released in 2007 using the Pokémon virtual store, their psychic and dark elepsychological siblings Espeon and Umbreon can only be picked up by players that gathered enough Pokémon Players Club points. The Espeon 025/PLAY card compelled 40,000 EXP points earned, while Umbreon 026/PLAY was also the majority of pricey at 70,000 points.

While the Japanese versions of the cards are the many handy due to their restricted availcapacity, also the English-language versions of the Espeon and also Umbreon Gold Star cards fetch a high price. A Gold Star Espeon rated at PSA 10 Gem Mint condition was marketed in February 2021 for over $22,000, while an Umbreon graded at an equally perfect condition fetched just over $20,000 at auction in December 2020. PSA values the 2 cards at $194,209 and $187,277 respectively, easily making them 2 of the many handy Pokémon cards roughly.

9. 2002 Pokémon World Championships No. 1 Trainer

Eextremely copy of this rare and valuable promo card is one-of-a-kind

Sold for $31,200 in April 2021

The 2002 No. 1 Trainer card was personalised via the name of the tournament"s winner, making each card completely unique.

The initially of 2 rare and helpful Pokémon cards dubbed No. 1 Trainer on this list, this specific card was awarded to winners of the neighborhood Battle Road Spring tournaments held in Japan in the time of early 2002. (Battle Roadway Summer versions were provided out throughout competitions hosted later on that year.)

The local tournaments were organized as qualifiers for the Pokémon World Championships, through the little number of No. 1 Trainer cards created for the few winners making them some of the rarest Pokémon cards in presence.

Adding to the card"s rarity is the reality that each No. 1 Trainer card was customised through the name of the tournament winner printed onto the card, making each card one-of-a-type. According to auction house Heritage Auctions, the personalised element of the cards likewise suppose that they seldom show up at auction, making them an even rarer sight in the human being of Pokémon cards.

The 2002 No. 1 Trainer card was shown by Ken Sugimori, finest well-known as being among the original artists and also designers for Pokémon"s initially generation of 151 Pokémon. The text on it reads: "The Pokémon Card Video Game Official Tournament Battle Road Spring 2002 champion is recognised right here, and his honour is pelevated." Sugimori"s No. 1 Trainer artwork - featuring fan-favourite Pokémon such as Pikachu, Chansey and also Marrill - is exclusive to the card, making it especially distinct.

A copy of the 2002 Pokémon World Championships No. 1 Trainer card, complete through its original screen folder and even the envelope it was yielded in, marketed at auction in April 2021 for just over $31,000. While it"s not the absolute raremainder of the No. 1 Trainer cards, the card still ranks as among the the majority of helpful Pokémon cards.

8. 1999 Pokémon Japanese Promo Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind

An ultra-rare promo card - one of only a dozen ever made

Sold for $65,100 in October 2020

With just a dozen provided to height players at the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle tournament, the Japanese Tropical Wind promo card is exceptionally rare.

Only 12 Tropical Wind cards were developed as promo cards for the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle, a precursor to the Pokémon World Championships, making it one of the a lot of valuable Pokémon sets around.

The Tropical Mega Battle saw 50 players from around the globe take component in a tournament for the trading card game in Honolulu, Hawaii. The only method to get involved wregarding win a battle in your neighborhood area and also earn an invite, making it an exclusive occasion for the best Pokémon trainers in the human being - and also the cards offered as prizes some of the raremainder Pokémon cards in existence.

This specific Tropical Mega Battle promo card, the 1999 Japanese-language copy of Tropical Wind, has actually marketed at auction for as much as $65,100 in PSA Gem Mint 10 problem, with the a lot of current record-breaking sale ensuing in October 2020. PSA estimates its value to be as high as $148,482, making the ultra-rare card a contender for among the many expensive Pokémon cards ever made.

7. 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer

The answer to "What"s the rarest Pokémon card of all time?"

Sold for $90,000 in July 2020

With just seven duplicates thought to be in presence, the Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer is conveniently one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever before made.

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer, and very unlikely you’ve ever before watched a copy in person. When it comes to rare Pokémon cards, there are exceptionally few cards rarer than this.

No. 1 Trainer is a holographic promotional card awarded to finalists in the Secret Super Battle tournament organized in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. (Making it a different card to the 2002 World Championships No. 1 Trainer listed over, despite the comparable name.) To earn a place in the competition’s finals, which were organized in an enigma place, players had to first win a local tournament. Their prize was the No. 1 Trainer card, which granted them access to the finals.

The card’s message translates to: “The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament"s champion is recognised here, and also this honour is pincreased. By presenting this card, you might acquire preferential enattempt into the Secret Super Battle.” The card functions the Japanese logo design for the “Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game”, in addition to artwork of original generation Pokémon Mew2 by illustrator Hideki Kazama.

As just salso regional tournaments were held, it’s believed that simply salso copies of the No. 1 Trainer card were made - making it one of raremainder Pokémon cards in presence. Six of the ultra-rare cards have considering that been certified as being in perfect Gem Mint 10 condition by PSA - the prestigious organisation that grades the top quality, problem and also value of trading cards, up to the highest level of Gem Mint 10 - via a flawless copy offering at auction in July 2020 for $90,000.This is a card so rare and valuable that Indiana Jones most likely had actually to escape a crumbling temple via it at some suggest. Its equivalent cards No.2 Trainer and No. 3 Trainer, similarly awarded to winners in Japanese Pokémon tournaments in the time of the late 1990s, are nearly as rare and practical.

6. 2000 Pokémon Neo Genesis first Edition Holo Lugia #9

A legendary Pokémon on a legendarily rare Pokémon card

Sold for $144,300 in May 2021

The Neo Genesis collection is notoriously challenging to grade, making graded cards such as this Lugia some of the the majority of handy Pokémon cards available.

Lugia is among the many iconic and popular Pokémon in the entire series, having starred on the front of early on Game Boy game Pokémon Silver and also its Nintendo DS remake SoulSilver. A legendary bird Pokémon from Gen II, Lugia is one of the many powerful and hard-to-uncover Pokémon that players have the right to catch in the video games - so it’s only fitting that its Pokémon card is also exceptionally rare.

The Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia #9 Pokémon card is defined by auction home PWCC as among the many hard Pokémon cards to grade, as the result of a number of errors and also misprints that were consisted of in the beforehand runs of the Neo Genesis set for the Pokémon TCG. Later print runs were corrected, but many of the cards from the growth reprimary more common in their previously uncorrected forms.

As of May 2021, PWCC claims that only 41 Gem Mint 10 problem Neo Genesis first Edition Holo Lugia #9 cards have actually ever been graded by PSA, through just 3 earning the maximum BGS 10 Pristine rating from grading agency Beckett Grading Services. The Lugia’s rarity suggests that it ranks almost as extremely as the legendary first-edition Charizard once it pertains to the most handy Pokémon cards.

Thanks to its popularity and rarity, the Pokémon card likewise fetches a really high price at auction. A first-edition Neo Genesis Lugia graded at PSA 10 apparently offered in October 2020 for $50,000, through a BGS 10 Pristine copy marketing in May 2021 for over $144,000. A legendary price for what is certainly a legendary card, in eexceptionally feeling of the word.

5. Kangaskhan-Holo #115 Family Event Trophy Card

The third-raremainder Pokémon card of all time

Sold for $150,100 in October 2020

Only three copies of the Kangaskhan trophy card have actually ever been sold in the last 2 decades, making it among the rarest Pokémon cards ever mad.

This handy Pokémon card days from the trading card game’s earliest years, having actually been given to participants in the 1998 Parent/Child Mega Battle tournament organized in Japan. As the name suggests, teams were made up of parents and also kids. Those that accomplished a collection number of victories throughout the tournament were awarded this unique trophy card - the just time it was ever up for grabs, having never been mass developed - making it one of the rarest promo cards obtainable.

What sets the trophy card apart from its commonarea counterparts is the inclusion of the Pocket Monsters Card Game logo design - the original Japanese name for the Pokémon TCG - on the card back in enhancement to the front, noting it out as a really rare variant of the original holographic Kangaskhan.

Following the sale of a PSA 7 card in June 2020 for $35,000, a copy of Kangaskhan-Holo #115 graded at Gem Mint 10 by PSA was sold on eBay in October for over $150,000, making the currently rare card among the a lot of helpful Pokémon cards offered in current years.

At the time, auction home PWCC revealed that only 46 copies of the card have actually ever before been graded, through only three ever being publicly offered in the two-plus years given that the card first showed up. The October 2020 auction was the first such sale of a mint condition card. PWCC described the card as the third-raremainder Pokémon card in the human being, calling it worthy of a museum. Whether it’s in a museum or someone’s collection, it’s undoubtedly one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever before made.

4. Pikachu Illustrator

Extremely expensive, incredibly rare - the Holy Grail of Pokémon cards

Sold for $195,000 in October 2019

The Pikachu Illustrator card is frequently considered the the majority of valuable Pokémon card of all time, and also is additionally among the rarest Pokémon cards in presence. Image: Invaluable

The current record holder for the world’s many helpful Pokémon card is likewise one of the raremainder Pokémon cards ever made.

Pikachu Illustrator was originally offered to winners of promo contests held in 1997 and 1998 by Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic. 39 duplicates were officially awarded to the winners, while two copies were supposedly later discovered by one of the card game’s creators, seemingly bringing the full variety of Pikachu Illustrator duplicates to 41.

As well as being ridiculously rare, the card is unique in a number of means. It is the just Pokémon card to say “Illustrator” rather of “Trainer” at the height of the card, and has a one-off pen icon in its bottom-appropriate corner to acexpertise its production for the design challenge. The card’s artwork-related of Pikachu is by Atsuko Nishida, the original illustrator of the fan-favourite Pokémon.

Approximately 19 duplicates of the card are believed to still exist, via 10 certified by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) responsible for grading cards’ condition - although the actual number out tright here is disputed.

A near-flawless copy of the card graded at Mint 9 - one grade under perfect problem - offered at auction in 2019 for $195,000. That renders it the many expensive Pokémon card ever before sold at auction according to Guinness World Records, though it might have given that been surpassed by the shadowless first-edition PSA 10 Charizard and Presentation Blastoise. Regardmuch less, Pikachu Illustrator is just one of the raremainder Pokémon cards, through auction home Invaluable calling it “the the majority of practical and rarest Pokémon card in the world". The Pikachu Illustrator card is a true Divine Grail of Pokémon cards.

3. Babsence Star Ishihara Signed GX Promo Card

A card featuring the Pokémon Company"s President himself.

Sold for $247,230 in April 2021

A card celebrating the Pokémon founder"s 60th birthday, and also signed by him as well.

The the majority of recent card to make headlines for pure worth, this card marketed for almost a quarter of a million dollars at auction on April 2sixth 2021. You deserve to discover the complete details at our story right here, however this card depicts Pokémon Company kind of founder and existing president Tsunekazu Ishihara, and was given to the firm staff as a celebration of the man"s 60th birthday in 2017.

That provides the card rare, but this particular version is also rarer, as Ishihara actually signed this near-mint card to increase its price even better. The "2017 P.M. SM Babsence Star #TPCi01 Tsunekazu Ishihara Signed Pokémon GX Promo Card", to usage its full title, is a testament to the raw power apparently hosted by the Pokémon president. The capacity "Red Chanchanko" is in referral to the red vest traditionally worn on 60th birthdays in Japan, and also stays clear of the impact of any kind of attack, capability or trainer card versus Ishihara. Meanwhile, its GX relocate "60 Congratulations", tells you to flip 60 coins, and take a existing for each one. A truly legendary card.

2. Pokémon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram

A two-of-a-sort card that unexpectedly became among the many practical Pokémon cards of all time

Sold for $360,000 in January 2021

The Blastoise is an ultra-rare Pokémon card that sold at auction for $360,000.

One of only 2 such Pokémon cards in existence - making it incredibly rare - this Blastoise unexpectedly came to be one of the most practical Pokémon cards of all time after it offered at auction in January 2021 for a whopping $360,000 (£266,000).

The ultra-rare Pokémon card was developed in 1998 as a presentation piece by Magic: The Gathering maker Wizards of the Coast to convince Nintencarry out of Japan executives to enable it to take care of the TCG’s English-language release. The game would eventually make its global deyet one year later on in 1999.

While 2 Blastoise ‘Presentation’ cards were created, this is the only one that has been checked out publicly. Even more impressively, it has been graded at a NM/Mint+ 8.5 level by certification website CGC, definition that the 20-plus-year-old card is in near-perfect condition. The location and also state of the various other Presentation card continues to be unwell-known - interpretation that this might well be the only such card of its type left.

1. 1999 First Edition Shadowmuch less Holographic Charizard #4

A incredibly valuable version of a classic fan-favourite

Sold for $369,000 in December 2020

Shiny Charizard has constantly remained in demand, however its shadowless variant is likewise very rare.

Shiny Charizard has been among the Pokémon card game’s most popular cards considering that it initially released in 1999, so there’s no surprise that 20-plus years later on, it stays among the most sought-after cards for collectors and also fans afavor.

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While a number of first-edition cards from the Pokémon TCG’s beforehand days are worth some money - assuming they’re still in good nick - as a result of their restricted availcapability and age, this certain version of the holographic Charizard absolutely stands out as one of the raremainder and also most helpful Pokémon cards ever before released.

A PSA 10 Base Set 1st Edition Charizard simply offered at auction via an ending bid of $183,812.00 using