The A4 is Audi’s popular entry level high-end sedan. Launched in 2002, the A4 has continually improved, and also is now a well rounded auto that stands out for it’s flashiness in the deluxe small car market.

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However before, before buying one, it’s vital to understand what sort of life expectancy an Audi A4 has actually.

So, just how lengthy does an Audi A4 Last?

With proper care and also maintenance, an Audi A4 must last at leastern 150,000 to 200,000 miles. If you were to drive the average of 13,500 miles a year, a new A4 must last between 10 to 15 years. However before, tbelow are many kind of reports of A4’s lasting much longer than this.

Continue analysis to uncover out just how trusted the Audi A4 is, if it’s expensive to preserve, and also what years you need to prevent buying second hand.

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Is the Audi A4 Expensive To Maintain?

How Many kind of Miles Does An Audi A4 Last?

An Audi A4 need to be able to last in between 150,000 to 200,000 miles if taken treatment of properly.

However, tbelow are plenty of reports of Audi A4 still running well after the 200,000 mile note. It all comes down to ownership.

If you want your A4 to last a lengthy time, you have to stay on peak of maintenance.

Keep the tires at the right pressure, readjust oil consistently, change filters and follow the maintenance schedule in the cars hands-on.

Aggressive driving have the right to likewise influence a car’s life span, so try to drive mindfully.

If you’re buying a offered Audi a4, then make certain that the previous owner was a cautious driver and also maintained the auto well preserved.

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Does The Audi A4 Hold Its Value?

Audis are typically known for holding their worth well.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case via the Audi A4.

According to an Iseecars research, the Audi A4 is the sixth highest possible depreciating car under $50,000.

You deserve to expect a brand-new Audi A4 to depreciate by a whopping 64.4% after 5 years of ownership.

However, compared to various other deluxe cars, the A4’s depreciation price doesn’t look that negative (view table below)

CarTypical 5 Year Depreciation
Audi A464.4%
BMW 3 Series65.7%
Volvo S6067.8%
Mercedes-Benz S Class67.1%

Luxury vehicles favor the Audi A4 tend to depreciate at a faster price than various other vehicles.

The primary factor for this is that they are coming to be less well-known and are expensive to buy brand-new, which suggests that the price hregarding come down a lot more to make them attrenergetic to the second hand also sector.

This is negative news if you’re thinking of buying a new A4, yet good news if you’re reasoning of buying a 2nd hand also A4, as you’ll obtain great value for money.

Is The Audi A4 A Reliable Car?

Even though Audi is generally recognized for their solid engineering skills, the A4 has obtained a surprisingly mixed record on relicapability.

Consumer reports gave the 2009 A4 and the 2014 A4 the worst rating possible (1/5) for relicapability.

It was a little bit of a horror show.

However, Audi really started to revolve things approximately via the release of the 2015 A4, which scored top marks for reliability (5/5) Many of the models considering that 2015 have terrific reliability ratings.

Because of this, if you’re buying a second hand also A4, it’s vital you don’t buy one older than 2015.

Audi A4 Years To Avoid

Early Audi A4’s (2009-2014) have actually a very poor reliability record, so if you’re buying second hand also, stop these years at all prices.

Whatever you carry out though, make sure that you avoid the 2009 and 2011 A4’s.

These two models have actually the most complaints, recalls, and worst reliability scores.

What Year Audi A4 Is Most Reliable?

2015 was the first year once C onsumer Reports offered the Audi A4 optimal marks for reliability, and they’ve scored extremely great for relicapability ever given that.

Therefore, any kind of A4 after 2015 should have actually terrific relicapability.

Audi A4 YearConsumer Reports Relicapacity Rating

Most Usual Audi A4 Problems

All cars encounter problems from time to time.

Early editions of the A4 encountered many troubles due to the truth that Audi was using cutting edge car modern technology.

Many difficulties sindicate didn’t rear their heads until they were tested in the genuine people.

Because of this, although the concerns listed below are the the majority of frequently reported, they are mostly connected through older Audi A4 models, and have been resolved in newer version (2015 onwards)

Here are a couple of of the a lot of widespread Audi A4 troubles reported by RepiarPal

Oil Leaks From CamshaftIgnition Coil, Wires, and also Spark Plugs FailingClogged drainsFailed high water press fuel pump

If you’re buying a 2nd hand A4, make sure that any prior troubles have been solved using main Audi components and by an Audi affiliated garage.

How Many type of Miles Is Too Many For An Audi A4?

I’ve heard civilization say that you should protect against high mileage deluxe cars choose the A4 But I don’t agree through that.

What’s method even more vital is the service background, previous owner, year, and also exactly how you intfinish to use it.

For instance, if you are looking at buying a 2011 A4 (notoriously bad reliability) and arrangement on driving 20k miles per year, then I would say that 60K miles on the clock is also many type of.

However, if you setup on buying a 2015 A4 (excellent relicapability ratings) and also setup on doing 10k miles each year.

As long as it has actually an excellent company background, I would certainly be happy buying an A4 via up to 150k miles on the clock.

Unfortunately, there is no set number of miles that are as well many kind of for an Audi A4.

Instead you need to take into consideration the cars history and your intfinished usage.

Is the Audi A4 Expensive To Maintain?

The Audi A4 is thought about a high-end auto, so it’s naturally going to be more expensive to preserve than most cars.

However before, compared to cars in the high-end compact category, its repair prices are reasonable.

According to RepairPal, the average yearly expense to preserve an Audi A4 is $739 , which is slightly listed below the average yearly repair cost ($801) for high-end compact cars.

CarRepairPal Avg Maintenance Cost
Audi A4$739
BMW 3 Series$773
Volvo S60$750
Mercedes-Benz S Class$1,249

Contrasted to various other comparable cars in its course (table above) the A4 expenses slightly less on average to maintain yearly.

RepairPal also provides the Audi A4 a 13% possibility of a repair being a severe worry, compared to the average of 12% for cars in its course and 12% for all cars.

How Long Do Audi A4 Tires Last?

The tires on a new Audi A4 need to last between 25,000 and also 50,00 miles.

Eextremely brand-new audi comes with a 2-4 year tire warranty (from the tire manufacturer, not Audi)

The distance you gain from your tires is dependent on driving behavior, climate, road conditions, and correct maintenance.

To make your A4 tires last much longer, consistently inspect that they are effectively inflated and revolve them according to the owner’s manual.

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How Long Do Audi A4 Engines Last?

An Audi A4 Engine have to quickly last 150,000+ miles if taken care of correctly.

While researching this article, I read a report of an old A4 police car that had over 300,000 on the clock.

To get your A4 engine to last much longer, make certain that you execute the following:

Stick to maintenance schedules in vehicle manualDon’t disregard dashboard lightsContinually check and also turn the tiresKeep the auto cleanDrive carefullyRegularly readjust oil and also filters

How Long Do Audi A4 Brake Pads Last?

The brake pads on your Audi A4 have to last everywhere from 30,00 to 65,00 miles depending on just how you use your car.

For example if you’re an aggressive driver and also brake a lot, or you consistently drive in several traffic (such as a commute) then you deserve to expect your brakes to relocation brake pads more typically.

Final Thoughts – Audi A4 Life Expectancy

As long as you select the best year, the Audi A4 is a dependable automobile that should last between 150,000 -200,000 miles if taken treatment of.

Although the at an early stage years of the A4 (2002-2011) more recent models (2015 onwards) are seen as exceptionally reliable and should last a lengthy time.

Keep in mind but, that the A4 is a deluxe sedan, and will certainly therefore depreciate at a faster rate than other compact cars such as the Honda Accord.

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Second hand also Audi A4’s recurrent wonderful value for money because of the fact that they depreciate so much after the initially few years of ownership.