While Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines we execute notunderstand a lot around his youngsters.

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Here’s what we perform know:

Rehoboam—means he enlarges the people; was Solomon’s successorand the kid of his wife, Naamah the Ammonite. Throughout his reign the Kingdom ofIsrael was split in two as the Lord promised Solomon and he reigned over theKingdom of Judah. He reigned for seventeenager years, retaining Jerusalem as Judah’sfunding. He had 18 wives and also 60 concubines, which resulted in 28 sons and 60daughters. He was hidden via his ancestors in Jerusalem and flourished by hiskid Abijah.

The Kingdom of Israel was separation once Rehoboam ended up being king


Taphath– the son of Abinadab, in all the area of Dor; he had actually Taphath the daughter of Solomon to wife 1 Kings 4:11; implies distillation or drop

BasemathAhinadab the son of Iddo, in Mahanaim; Ahimaaz, in Naphtali; he likewise took Basemath the daughter of Solomon to wife 1 Kings 4:14; means sweet smelling or sweet smile

Solomon had many wives and also worshiped international idols

While King Saul and King David’s descendants are well documented, King Solomon’s were not. This is very unusual giving the thorough genealogies in the Bible. We execute know he had various other youngsters. Maybe one factor they are not discussed is becauseKing Solomon loved many woguys that were not from Israel… The Lord had told the Israelite’s, “You need to not marry world of various other countries. If you do, they will cause you to follow their gods.” But Solomon dropped in love with these women.  He had seven hundred wives that were from royal family members and also 3 hundred servant women that provided birth to his youngsters. His wives led to him to turn amethod from God.” 1 Kings 11

We deserve to be certain Solomon had many even more kids and also descendants than we are told of in scripture.

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