I"ve Googled like crazy and also I can"t discover a list of the levels anywhere. All I might find is walkthrough videos.

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Anyone recognize exactly how many kind of levels/chapters/components tright here are?



There are 21 chapters:

Prelude: The MetroChapter 1: No TalkChapter 2: OverdoseChapter 3: DecadenceChapter 4: TensionChapter 5: Full HouseChapter 6: Clean HitChapter 7: NeighboursChapter 8: Push ItChapter 9: CrackdownChapter 10: Hot-N-HeavyChapter 11: DeadlineChapter 12: TraumaChapter 13: AssaultChapter 14: VengenaceFinal Chapter: ShowdownMouse over for spoilers...

Chapter 16: Safehouse Chapter 17: Fun&Games Chapter 18: Prank Call Chapter 19: Resolution Bonus Chapter: Highsphere Special Chapter: Exposed


Heh! After I posted that I finally discovered an answer! Here they are for anyone else who may be interested...

Prelude: The Metro. Chapter 1: No Talk. Chapter 2: Overdose. Chapter 3: Decadence. Chapter 4: Tension. Chapter 5: Full Housage. Chapter 6: Clean Hit.Chapter 7: Neighbours. Chapter 8: Push It. Chapter 9: Crackdvery own. Chapter 10: Hot-N-Heavy. Chapter 11: Deadline. Chapter 12: Trauma. Chapter 13: Assault. Chapter 14: Vengenace. Final Chapter: Showdvery own.

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