is tbelow a good area to read all the status effects? are sleep and freeze the same? how lengthy execute they last, or what wakes a pokemon up? what is flinching?


Sleep- the opposing Pokémon is inqualified of attacking until it wakes up. If you put them to sleep after they strike you, the next turn they are guaranteed not to wake up. After that it’s simply chance until they wake up. Maximum of 4 or 5 turns that they deserve to be asleep I think, minimum is waking up after 1.

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Freeze- opposing Pokémon can’t assault. But nothing is guaranteed, they have like a 50-50 (I’m pretty sure) chance of thawing out each turn, through no maximum limit. I don’t think ice types deserve to be frozen and also I’m not sure about water kinds I think they deserve to.

Burn- it halves the opposing Pokémon’s PHYSICAL attack stat and also does prefer 1/16 to their wellness eexceptionally rotate. Burning Pokémon prefer machamp is excellent because they can no much longer hit tough and also are rendered practically usemuch less. Fire type Pokémon can’t be shed.

Paralysis- halves the opposing Pokémon’s speed, so the majority of likely they will certainly be sreduced than you from there on out. It likewise has a 1/3 (I think) possibility of paralyzing them and also making them inqualified of strike that turn. Electric forms can’t be paralyzed

Poison- does damages to Pokémon that stacks. The initially rotate it takes 1/16, next rotate 1/8 following revolve 1/4 and also so on (I think those numbers are right). Either way it stacks and also does even more damage the much longer the Pokémon is in. Good for taking out Pokémon that u can’t carry out a lot of damages to, that’s referred to as toxic stalling. Poison forms can’t be poisoned.

Confusion- super dumb. Gives a 50/50 chance of hitting yourself every revolve, as soon as u hit yourself you only carry out damage to yourself and not the opposing Pokémon. Wears off in 3-5 turns or somepoint like that

Flinching is somepoint that happens due to moves having a flinch opportunity. It sindicate implies your Pokémon doesn’t strike if they acquire flinched. Moves prefer bite and also headbutt have a opportunity to flinch the opposing Pokémon so they deserve to attack, no trusted, however nice as soon as it happens. A relocate referred to as fake out can only be provided first revolve and also has 100% flinch opportunity.

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Critical hits deserve to occur from any kind of move. They execute additional damage (not sure just how much, somewbelow in between x2 and also x1.5) some moves have higher crit chance than others yet when it happens it ignores all stat rises. If a metapod offers harden and also I usage quick assault through a Pikachu and it Crits, the stat rises are ignored and also it does like 1.5x damage to the metapod without factoring in defense rises. Zippy zap from Pikachu always crits. I’m not sure if tright here are various other moves choose that in let’s go.