If you’ve constantly wanted to learn how to juggle, you’ll be happy to recognize it’s actually pretty basic to learn. All you require is a little patience—and a few plastic bags.

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In the video above from the SlickJuggling YouTube channel, David Slick, human being record holder for the longest duration juggling, reflects exactly how a lot of jugglers get their start: via scarves. That’s ideal, if you want to learn exactly how to juggle, you toss floaty scarves instead of balls, rings, batons, pins, or fire.

The means you exercise is basic. Sit down on the ground. Start with 2 scarves—one on the ground to your left, and also one in your left hand also. Now throw the scarf in your left hand also to the ideal, and pick up the one on the ground. Repeat on the various other side, and you have actually the fundamental mechanics dvery own. Add the third scarf currently. Hold 2 scarves and also place one on your left side. Throw the scarf in your left hand also, pick up the scarf on your left, throw the scarf in your appropriate hand also, pick up the scarf on your best. Throw, pick up, throw, pick up, and so on Eventually you’ll be quick enough to throw and also capture them while they hang in the air.

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