Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? If San Diego in California is your founding allude or a connecting location in your itinerary, you can be interested in understanding your flight time. While your time in the air will certainly depend on a number of components, you’re looking at an average of six hrs and also nine minutes. 

This timing is, of course, via a direct trip from San Diego to Hawaii. It’s likewise assuming an average jetliner speed of 500 miles per hour, average air traffic, and favorable weather conditions. If you’re making additional relationships, your flight times could differ. 

Let’s break dvery own what contributes to your take a trip time and also what you deserve to perform to shorten it.

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How Can I Shorten My Travel Time?

Tright here is bit you deserve to do to impact your time in the air. That’s approximately the airline, the legislations of physics, and also aerodynamic forces. However before, you deserve to control some of the other aspects that add to your take a trip time.

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If you have the right to afford to fly on a exclusive airplane versus a commercial airline, you have the right to conserve yourself time at the airport. You won’t need to check bags or check in via an airline, wait in as lengthy of protection lines, or deal with the hassles of various other passengers.

However, the fact is that most of us will certainly fly commercial, so attempt to choose straight flights whenever before you can. If feasible, choose beforehand morning flights as these tend to have actually much better on-time leave documents than flights later on in the day.

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Also, drive yourself to the airport or have a trusted friend execute it. Shuttles have the right to be infamous for lateness because they’re delivering multiple passengers. At your location, select a rental car company located at the airport.


Flying from San Diego to Hawaii takes slightly over 6 hrs in the air. While this is a much longer than average residential flight, it’s not as lengthy as many global trip times. Enjoy your trip!