Definition of Archery: Archery is a sport including shooting a tarobtain through a bow and arrow. Much less commonly, it may also describe the tools of an archer as well as a group of archers.

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Pronunciation of Archery: Archery is pronounced arch-er-ee.

How to Use Archery in a Sentence

What does archery mean? Archery is the art, practice, or skill of shooting a bow and arrow, generally at some sort of taracquire. Archery is a sport in the summer Olympics.

Archery is a noun and can, therefore, attribute as the subject or object of a sentence.

For example,

Eextremely member of the family participated in all the occasions at the reunion, which had swimming, lawn bowling, archery, volleyball, and also hiking. (Object)Archery is an ancient art with proof indicating its practice as at an early stage as the Paleolithic period. (Subject)

A perchild that techniques the sport of archery is referred to as an archer, which is created by removing the “-y” from archery. Archer is also a noun.

For example,

The finest archer in the human being is a South Oriental guy.He was compelresulted in prove his skills as an archer by shooting an apple off the head of a willing volunteer.

Facts About Archery

As a competitive sport, archery was initially presented to the Olympics in 1900. After the 1920 Games, tbelow was a 52-year hiatus from the Olympic Programme. Archery returned to the Gamings in in 1972 and also has actually been an Olympic sport ever before given that.

The astrological authorize Sagittarius is likewise recognized as the Archer and is represented by a symbol of a bow and also arrowhead.

History of Archery

This word was initially provided in the 1fifth century, according to Merriam-Webster’s. Archery is from the Old French word archerie which comes from the word archier, interpretation archer.

At some point, the word originates from the Latin word arcus, definition bow or arch.

Synonyms for Archery

Because archery describes a specific sport, tright here are no words through the exact same interpretation. However before, tright here is at least one synonym for the word archer.


Outside Examples of Archery


Archery is a noun that refers to the exercise of shooting at a targain through a bow and also arrow.

An individual that frequently techniques this sport is dubbed an archer.

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Archery has actually no synonyms.


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