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1. Wow in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/wow1. (colloquial) (expushing surpincrease or approval). guau. a. guau (colloquial). Wow! · 2. (to impress). cautivar. a. cautivar. Cirque du Soleil will wow you. · 3 ...

2. How to say wow in Spanish - Translate

https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the/spanish-word-for-wow.htmlNeed to translate "wow" to Spanish? Here are 2 methods to say it. ... Spanish Translation. guau. More Spanish words for Wow!

3. Is there a similar expression to "Wow" in Spanish? | SpanishDict ...

https://www.spanishdict.com/answers/148568/is-there-a-similar-expression-to-wow-in-spanishuau=wow, and also, it is pronounced the very same method. updated SEP 15, 2010. posted by MeEncantanCarasSonrisas. 0. votes.

4. WoW"s Spanish Translation Quality. - General Discussion - World of ...


Nov 9, 2018 ... WoW"s Spanish Translation Quality. · Grommash Hellscream · Grommash Grito Infernal

5. Spanish Translation of “wow” | Collins English-Spanish Dictionary


Spanish Translation of “wow” | The main Collins English-Spanish Dictionary digital. Over 100000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases.

6. wow in Spanish | English-Spanish translator | Nglish by Britannica


How to say wow in Spanish - Translation of wow to Spanish by Nglish, detailed English – Spanish Thesaurus, Translation and also English finding out by ...

7. wow - English-Spanish Thesaurus - WordReference.com


wow - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and also forum discussions.

8. Spanish Translation of “wow factor” | Collins English-Spanish ...


Spanish Translation of “wow factor” | The main Collins English-Spanish Dictionary digital. Over 100000 Spanish translations of English words and also phrases.

9. wow | analyze English to Spanish: Cambridge Dictionary


wow translate: ala, ¡guau!. Learn even more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary.

10. Use of the word "guau": is this the common way to spell "wow" in ...

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https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36208477/Use-of-the-word-guau-is-this-the-common-way-to-spell-wow-in-SpanishJan 24, 2020 ... Guau is woof in first place but it is also the usual translation for ... guau in Spanish would be rendered the same way as wow in English.