Do you love receiving postcards? When was the last time you sent or obtained a postcard? It is very nice to obtain a letter or a postcard from a frifinish or relative, yet in these circumstances of the digital age, it is even more exciting. Postcards are an original method of sending greetings to loved ones throughout your trip, they are choose photographs of the the majority of emblematic areas of a destination but through your very own message you have actually the possibility of customizing this visual picture. It is extremely amazing to hear from someone special; in fact the majority of of us keep the postcards we have actually received. You probably understand someone that collects them.

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Do you want us to teach you just how to create a postcard in Spanish? It is a perfect exercise to test your level of Spanish, especially for students preparing for the DELE exams.

It is extremely typical to send postcards when you are traveling: choose a postcard that represents the place wbelow you are currently. Tourists who come to Donostia like the postcards through the many stunning views of the city: from Monte Iguelperform, La Concha Bay, the harbor, the Buen Pastor cathedral ... Postcards are one of the a lot of famous souvenir items frequently used by tourists.


A postcard usually is composed of 5 parts:

Place and date

Name of the city where you are and also the day the postcard was written


If you desire to be formal, write: “Querido/querida,(name):"

If you want to be much less formal, you could begin by saying "“¡Hola, (name):!"


Receiving a postcard is pure emotion! The message hregarding be brief and pleasant. Tell the finest of your life: you have the right to compose to your frifinish / family members member around your trip / suffer / location wbelow you are / your plans / the weather.


Phrase to end the statement and also say goodbye to the recipient of the letter. You deserve to say goodbye saying un beso/un abrazo/un saludo/hasta pronto.


Write your name so the recipient knows that sent the postcard

Make sure that the sender's resolve is correct and also that no information is lacking. It is extremely necessary that the name of the perkid you are sending it to, address and postal code show up.

The procedure of sfinishing a postcard is incredibly exciting: from the minute you put the message in the mailbox until it is got by the recipient.

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Now it is your turn!

Would you love to obtain a postcard? We´d love to! From IH we encourage you to sfinish us a postcard from your city to our school and also we will certainly respond you by sfinishing a postcard via the many emblematic views of San Sebastián!

We’ll pick one card among the ones we have actually received and also we will sfinish you a tiny gift along with our postcard.