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More around the name Olivia

Find out the indevelopment around the number of births during the last years of the baby name Olivia in 30 nations. Countries list: Alberta , Germany type of , Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Chili , British Columbia , Denmark , Spain , Estonia , United State of America , Finland , France , Hungary , Ireland also , Italy , Normeans , New Zealand also , New Scotland , Ontario , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Quebec , UK , Sweden , Switzerland , Czechoslovakia Meaning and also popularity of the name Olivia

In sign languageOliby means of in authorize language
Tomorrow"s Saints :Albert , Alberta , Alberte , Albertine , Alberto , Albrecht , Aldebert , Arthur , Arhence , Artur , Artúr , Àrtur , Arturo , Artus , Artuš , Arty , Aubert , Bertine , Berto , Elbert , Eugen , Eugene , Eugéne , Eugène , Eugenie , Eugénie , Eugenio , Eugénio , Eugênio , Leopold , Léopold , Leopolda , Malcolm , Malo , Malou , Malóu , Málou , Victoire , Victoria , Victória
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