Are you planning to learn Bulgarian? If so, this is definitely the ideal place for you to be! Most of the time, if you"re finding out a new language and aim to be experienced in it, the first component of the tarobtain language you have to is the standard way of saying hi or hello, which is a component of Bulgarian greeting. In today"s blog, let"s learn some of the finest means to say hello in Bulgarian.

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Say Hello In Bulgarian - Is It Necessary?

Before we get dvery own to company, you might desire to know the prestige of greeting world in the Bulgarian culture. Is it that significant? Won"t non-verbal cues such as smiling and also nodding suffice? Like any type of other society in the world, it"s always even more correct and fitting for you to greet a native Bulgarian, especially if you"re planning to continue to be in Bulgaria for rather some time. A brief hello can definitely go a long way; you might look more appealing and also approachable to the Bulgarians, gain reputation or acknowledgment as well as develop relations through the neighborhood area. So today, let"s look at the methods of saying hello in Bulgarian.


When you"re calling or contacting someone from Bulgaria, execute you recognize what you should say to greet your interlocutor? In English, we commonly say "Hi" or "Hello" and it is the very same case in Bulgarian. The on-phone variation for "Hello" in Bulgarian is Ало (Alo).

Other Typical Greetings In Bulgarian

Now that we"ve watched the various words and also phrases that we have the right to usage to say hello in Bulgarian, let"s see and learn some various other methods of greeting the locals in Bulgaria. If Bulgarian is a second or international language to you, you should get acquainted via all these expressions to elevate your vocabulary and language proficiency.

1) Отдавна не сме се виждали (Otdavna ne sme se vizhdali) - Long time no see

Upon addressing someone who you haven"t checked out in a lengthy time by saying hello in Bulgarian, you have the right to say Отдавна не сме се виждали (Otdavna ne sme se vizhdali), which shows "It"s a lengthy time given that I last witnessed you!"

2) Радвам се отново да те видя (Radvam se otnovo da te vidya) - It"s nice to watch you again

Identical to the initially one, this expression signifies the sense that you"re happy to lastly view or satisfy someone after rather some time.

3) Как сте? (Kak ste?) - How are you?

Like English and Malay, there"s always a details phrase to ask someone exactly how are they doing. After you say hello in Bulgarian, you have the right to incorporate "exactly how are you". By doing so, you"re doing yourself a favor as people will regard you as thoughtful and also polite. Как сте is regularly used in a formal setting, so do not be shy and also ask your Bulgarians superiors Как сте.

4) Как си? (Kak si?) - How are you?

This is the informal equivalent of Kak ste. Ask this question to people you"re most comfortable through - your Bulgarian friends, family members, and loved ones.

5) Как си напоследък? (Kak si naposledak?) - How have you been?

If you"re in search of an alternative to "how are you", here"s an excellent one.

6) Как върви? (Kak varvi?) - How is it going?

This is another typical method to say hello in Bulgarian - you can different by asking how is it going?

7) Как вървят нещата? (Kak varvyat neshtata?) - How"s everything?

This is likewise one more substitute for the ones prior to. Normally, this question is asked once we want to discover out what state our interlocutor is in at that extremely minute.

8) Как върви деня ти? (Kak varvi denya ti?) - How"s your day?

This gesture is generally directed to the people that we"ve recognized for fairly a time. It"s fairly unexplained to usage this expression via strangers, yet if you"re in search of new friends and also acquaintances, why not?

9) Приятно ми е да те видя (Priyatno mi e da te vidya) - It"s nice to satisfy you

If you begin making friends via a brand-new perboy, that is, let"s say, a Bulgarian, you can give a authorize that you appreciate the beginning of the brand-new friendship by saying "it"s nice to accomplish you!". This can be a good method to not only strengthen your bond but to additionally sound lively as soon as you say hello in Bulgarian to your new frifinish.

How To Say Goodbye In Bulgarian?

As we"ve learned some vital expressions in saying hello in Bulgarian, let"s learn what to say when we"re parting or leaving.

1) Довиждане (Dovijdane) - Good bye

When parting ways or leaving your worklocation for good, you can want to say goodbye to your Bulgarian boss. Довиждане (dovijdane) is the perfect word for you to use.

2) Чао (Čao) - Ciao! - Goodbye

The moment you desire to part ways with your Bulgarian friends, you have the right to simply say ciao! It"s a word we all recognized as we casually it to our friends. Just so you understand, this is among the most spoken words by the Bulgarian human being as soon as they want to say goodbye.

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3) До скоро (Do skoro) - See u soon

If you"ll the majority of most likely enrespond to the perkid you"re parting with again or you"re planning to meet again at some point, you have the right to say До скоро (execute skoro), which indicates "check out you soon".

4) Дочуване (Dočuvane) - Bye (used on the phone)

The best method to finish a conversation with your Bulgarian acquaintance is by saying Дочуване!

Find Out Bulgarian Today!

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