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This word is often a minor resource of confusion for Spanish students bereason the "official" pronunciation of guacamole offered in dictionaries is somepoint prefer gwa-ka-MOH-leh, but fairly a couple of native Spanish speakers usage the pronunciation wa-ka-MOH-leh. Note the difference in the initially syllable.

Pronunciation of Guacamole

The truth is both pronunciations of the initial g in guacamole and also some other words that begin through g are common. Although the g can be silent or close to silent in these words, once it is pronounced it is rather softer (or pronounced even more back in the throat) than the "g" in English words such as "go."

Here"s a partial explanation of what is happening. In basic, the Spanish g is pronounced a lot as it is in English, although softer. When it comes between vowels, it commonly becomes soft sufficient to sound favor an aspirated "h," the very same as the Spanish letter j. For some speakers, the sound, even at the start of a word, can end up being so soft as to be unnoticeable to English speakers, and probably even inaudible. Historically, that"s what occurred through the Spanish h. Succeeding generations made its sound softer and also softer, eventually leading to its sound to disappear.

The "standard" pronunciation of guacamole would be to sound out the g. But pronunciation does differ via area, and also speakers in some areas regularly carry out drop the sounds of some letters.

Here"s another explacountry of what"s happening with the Spanish pronunciation: Some speakers of English pronounce words that start via "wh" utilizing an aspirated "h." For them, "witch" and also "which" are not pronounced the exact same. For those who perform differentiate the 2 sounds, the "wh" is something favor the way some Spanish speakers pronounce the first sounds of gua, güi or güe. That"s why some dictionaries provide güisqui as a variant spelling of the Spanish word for "whiskey" (although usually the English spelling is used).

Origin of the Word Guacamole

Guacamole came from among the native languperiods of Mexico, Nahuatl, which merged the words ahuacatl (currently aguacate in Spanish, the word for avocado) and also via molli (now mole in Spanish, a kind of Mexihave the right to sauce). If you noticed that aguacate and "avocado" are vaguely comparable, that"s no coincidence — the English "avocado" is obtained from aguacate, making them cognates.

Nowadays, of course, guacamole is likewise a word in English, having actually been imported into English bereason of the popularity of Mexihave the right to food in the U.S.

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