Just as in English, the word pesce (masculine, plural: pesci) have the right to describe the living aquatic pet, and any type of culinary dish made out of the pet.

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IPA: /ˈpeʃːe/

If this word sounds familiar, it is bereason it shares the exact same etymological beginning as the English word pescatarian (someone that eats fish but not meat).

Un pescetariano è una persona che mangia pesce, ma non bistecche, maiale o altri tipi di carne.

A pescatarian is a perchild who eats fish, yet not steak, pork or other kinds of meat.

The plural Pesci via a funding P is also the name Italians give to the constellation and also Zodiac authorize Pisces.

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Below are some prevalent types of fish you’ll enrespond to while living in Italy. For a very complete list, be certain to inspect out this article on Walks of Italy.

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salmone = salmontonno = tunatrota = troutsqualo = sharkluccio = pikescombro = mackerelacciuga = anchovyanguilla = eel

In Italy, April Fool’s Day is known as Pesce d’Aprile (April’s Fish). As the name argues, one of the most common pranks requires taping a record fish onto the back of an unsuspecting victim. Then, everyone goes around asking if anyone has watched April’s fish until the victim numbers out that he or she was the taracquire.

In addition to being the name of the actual day, the word pesce d’aprile is additionally exactly how you would say April Fool’s prank in Italian. It is suspected that the tradition days back as far as the 1fourth century!

Idioms featuring the word ‘pesce’

Essere come un pesce fuor d’acqua

Literal translation: to be like a fish out of waterEnglish meaning: to be choose a fish out of water

Essere un pesce grosso

Literal translation: to be a large fishEnglish meaning: to be a large fish

Non sapere che pesci pigliare

Literal translation: to not recognize which fish to catchEnglish meaning: to not understand what to do

Non essere né carne né pesce

Literal translation: to not be meat or fishEnglish meaning: be in a grey location, somepoint not quickly categorised

Essere sano come un pesce

Literal translation: to be as healthy as a fishEnglish meaning: to be as fit as a fiddle

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