Learning to comment on the temperature in lutz-heilmann.info permits you to converse about food, thermostats, and, of course, the weather!

No small talk is finish without an introduction around the weather! In this article, I teach you how to discuss the temperature in both Celsius and also Fahrenheit. I likewise explain each verb option and just how to usage them via several examples. Finally, I share some vital temperature vocabulary terms and also practice conversations.

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How To Say Temperature in lutz-heilmann.info

The first word you must learn in lutz-heilmann.info is temperature, or temperatura. Thankfully, it sounds extremely similar to its English translation. This word will play an essential component in crafting your temperature sentences later on!

What’s the Temperature in lutz-heilmann.info

The following a lot of essential thing to learn is exactly how to ask for the temperature. This means, you’ll never be caught off guard by the weather! Take a look at the many prevalent ways to ask this necessary question in lutz-heilmann.info.

¿Qué temperatura have?What temperature is it?

¿Cuál es la temperatura?What is the temperature?

¿Qué temperatura es?What is the temperature?

Check Temperature in lutz-heilmann.info

If you are feeling ill, you can have to ask someone to take your temperature in lutz-heilmann.info. Likewise, if someone you understand looks a little under the weather, you can desire to tell them to check and see if they have a fever.

Tómate la temperatura.Take your temperature.

¿Me tomas la temperatura?Will you take my temperature?


Temperature Verbs

In order to talk around the temperature in lutz-heilmann.info, there are a few crucial verbs you must master. Haber, ser and also estar are the many common verbs you will certainly enrespond to when talking about the weather. Tener is another helpful verb that have the right to help you talk about body temperature.

Estar (To Be)

Use the verb estar to define non-irreversible weather conditions.

El día está soleaexecute.The day is sunny.

La mañana estaba nublada.The morning was cloudy.

El clima está caluroso.The weather is warm.

Ser (To Be)

Use the verb ser to define just how the weather feels choose to you or to talk about the normal weather during a certain time of the year.

El clima es agradable.The weather is nice.

El invierno es muy frío.Winter is very cold.

Durante el otoño, el clima es ventoso.Throughout the autumn, the weather is windy.


Hacer (To Make/Do)

Another verb you have the right to use when talking around the weather is hacer. You have the right to usage this verb to explain what the weather “does”.

Hace mucho calor.It is very hot.

En las noches, hace frío.At night, it is cold.

Haber (There is)

Haber is an additional verb you have the right to use to talk around the weather. Use this one in the third-person singular create.

No hay muchas actually nubes.There aren’t many type of clouds.

Ayer hubo mucha lluby means of.Yesterday tbelow was the majority of rain.

Tener (To Have)

You don’t just talk around the weather through temperatures. They likewise play a crucial function in mentioning your body temperature, how you are feeling, or your wellness. This is where the verb tener comes in!

Tengo fiebre.I have a fever before.

Él tiene la temperatura alta.He has a high temperature.

Ella tiene calor.She’s warm.

Ellos tienen frío.They’re cold.


The Metric System

If you’re from the UNITED STATE, then you’re more than likely provided to utilizing Fahrenheit when talking about the temperature. However, almost everyone else throughout the globe is utilizing Celsius! It’s crucial to nail dvery own this second system so that you can appropriately arrangement your outfits as soon as traveling abroad. 20 degrees Celsius is a lot various than 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Celsius vs Fahrenheit

The US, the Bahamas, and Belize are almost the just ones making use of Fahrenheit! If you desire to talk around the temperature in lutz-heilmann.info with everyone, then it will certainly be important for you to understand the metric mechanism in Celsius degrees. Luckily, the majority of thermometers have actually both the metric (Celsius) and royal (Fahrenheit) units, enabling you to conveniently watch the distinction in between them.

Luckily, tbelow is no facility Fahrenheit in lutz-heilmann.info translation or Fahrenheit in lutz-heilmann.info pronunciation. Words is spelt precisely the same! Furthermore, Celsius in lutz-heilmann.info implies the very same point as it does in English. You have the right to also say centígrados, yet either will do!

El agua hirvienexecute mide 100° Celsius, pero 212° Fahrenheit.Boiling water actions 100° in Celsius, but 212° in Fahrenheit.

El agua se congela a 0° Celsius, pero a 32° Fahrenheit.Water freezes at 0° Celsius, yet at 32° Fahrenheit.

Ser vs Estar

In relation to the temperature in degrees, you have the right to usage both ser and also estar, depending on the structure of your sentence.

Using Ser

Use the verb ser when the temperature is the topic.

La temperatura es de 30 grados.The temperature is 30 degrees.

Using Estar

At the same time, you can use the verb estar when “we” is the topic. It’s sort of prefer saying “we’re at a details temperature” or “it is a details temperature” in English.

Estamos a 27 grados en la ciudad.It is 27 degrees in the city.

Below Freezing Temperatures

To comment on a temperature in lutz-heilmann.info that is listed below zero, you have the right to usage ser or estar.

Just use these handy formulas!

estar a + level + bajo cero.

Estamos a 10 grados bajo cero.It is -10 degrees.

ser + menos + degree

La temperatura es de menos 2 grados.The temperature is -2 levels.

lutz-heilmann.info Temperature and Weather Vocabulary

Now that you have actually the basics down, it’s time to include some adjectives right into the mix! These descriptive words will certainly help you talk around any kind of type of weather or temperature in lutz-heilmann.info. For also more practice, check out this impressive short article on weather expressions.


Hot Temperature Vocabulary

Whether you have to talk around a warm temperature in lutz-heilmann.info or a room temperature in lutz-heilmann.info, this list offers you with eincredibly temperature important to explain your appropriate cup of tea.

room temperaturetemperatura ambiente

Cold Temperature Vocabulary


Sky Vocabulary


Precipitation Vocabulary


How to Talk About the Temperature in lutz-heilmann.info

Great job mastering the temperature in lutz-heilmann.info! Now, let’s put it all together and also develop some exercise sentences and also conversations.

Below you’ll check out a list of phrases, concerns, and answers for you to evaluation and also use the following time you’re having actually a conversation around the temperature in lutz-heilmann.info.

Conversation Examples

Sunny Days

¿Cómo está el clima hoy?How is the weather today?

El clima está soleacarry out.The weather is sunny.

Rainy Days

Hoy está llovienexecute.It is raining this particular day.

Ayer estuvo nublaperform.Yesterday it was cloudy.

Creo que mañana va a haber lluthrough de nuevo.I think tomorrow tbelow will be rain aget.


Weather Predictions

¿Cuál es el pronóstico del clima?What is the weather forecast?

Hoy habrá lluvia toda la tarde.Today tright here will be rain in the afternoon.

¿Cuál es el pronóstico del clima para mañana?What is the weather foreactors for tomorrow?

Mañana estará caluroso.Tomorrow it will certainly be hot.

Feeling Cold

¿Tienes frío?Are you cold?

Puedes usar mi suéter.You deserve to use my sweater.

No, yo no tengo frío.No, I’m not cold.

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