At the culmicountry of a trial, a judge or jury gives a sentence to a criminal… using a sentence.

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A “sentence” in and also English afavor have the right to describe either a grammatical unit—a set of words that frequently contain at least one topic and verb to convey a statement, question, exclamation, or command—or a term of punishment assigned to a defendant discovered guilty of a specific crime.

Keep reading to find all the methods to say “sentence” in, including relevant vocabulary words accompanied by widespread phrases and example sentences.

1. “Sentence” in la oración

While la oración deserve to mean “prayer,” it generally denotes a “sentence”—as in a series of words strung together meaningtotally via a punctuation note at the finish.

It likewise means “speech” or “oration.”

Example Sentences – oraciones de ejemplo

Usar las palabras en una oración.

Use the words in a sentence.

¿Qué significa esta oración?

What does this sentence mean?

Usualmente, una oración debe llevar un sujeto y un verbo.

Usually, a sentence need to have a topic and also a verb.

James Joyce, el autor irlandés, escribió oraciones larguísimas.

James Joyce, the Irish author, created incredibly lengthy sentences.

Usual Phrases – frases comunes

La oración completa – complete sentence, complete sentence

Todas las respuestas deben ser escritas en oraciones completas.

(All answers need to be written in finish sentences.)

La oración temática – topic sentence

Establecer una idea central con una oración temática cerca del principio del primer párrafo.

(Establish a main concept through a topic sentence near the beginning of the initially paragraph)

La oración seguida – run-on sentence

Una oración seguida tiene dos o más cláusulas independientes que no están correctamente unidas.

(A run-on sentence has two or more independent claprovides which are not appropriately joined.)

La oración compuesta – compound sentence

Una oración compuesta tiene dos o más cláusulas independientes unidas por la palabra “y,” “pero,” u “o.”

(A compound sentence has actually 2 or more independent claoffers joined by the word “and,” “but,” or “or.”)

2. “Sentence” in la frase

The word la frase is the cognate of “expression,” and also despite the reality that a phrase is not a finish sentence, frase is regularly provided to suppose “sentence” in!

It additionally indicates quotation or statement.


Typical Phrases – frases comunes

Completar la frase – complete the sentence

La frase hecha – collection phrase, idiom

La frase adverbial – adverbial phrase

La frase preposicional – prepositional phrase

Example Sentences – oraciones de ejemplo

En este tipo de pregunta la respuesta indica si la frase es correcta o incorrecta.

In this type of question, the answer indicates whether the statement is true or false.

La maestra le pidió a Yolanda que leyera la frase en la página 10.

The teacher asked Yolanda to check out the sentence on page 10.

3. “Sentence” in la pena

La pena means “pity,” “sadness,” “grief,” “shame,” and also “sorrow,” and also it deserve to likewise refer to a legal sentence, penalty, or punishment.

For example:

Reconozca que la pena que está experimentando es única.Recognize that the grief you are experiencing is distinct. No pueperform ir a la boda, ¡qué pena!I can’t go to the wedding; what a pity!

Two synonyms for the legal meaning of la pena are la sentencia and also el veredicto.

For example:

La sentencia fue pospuesta por seis meses.The sentence was delayed for six months. El acusado cerró sus ojos y oró después de oír el veredicto.The defendant closed his eyes and prayed after hearing the sentence.

Typical Phrases via Example Sentences

La pena de prisión – prichild term/sentence, jail term/sentence, term of imprisonment

El médico perdió su licencia para practiautomobile medicina y recibió pena de prisión.

(The doctor shed his license to exercise medication and was sentenced to serve time in priboy.)

La pena de muerte – death penalty

Lo condenaron a la pena de muerte por sus crímines imperdonables.

(He was offered the death penalty for his inexcusable crimes.)

Bajo pena de – under penalty of

Bajo pena de perjurio, yo juro que las respuestas que he daexecute en esta solicitud kid completas y correctas.

(Under penalty of perjury, I swear that the answers I have given on this application are finish and also correct.)

La pena capital – resources punishment, fatality penalty

La junta confía en que esta iniciativa sirva para consolidar la tendencia hacia la abolición de la pena funding.

(The board is confident that this initiative will certainly reinpressure the trend towards abolition of capital punishment.)

La pena máxima – maximum penalty, maximum term, maximum punishment

Cada cargo entraña una pena máxima de ocho años de reclusión y una multa de 100,000 dólares.

(Each count carries a maximum penalty of eight years in priboy and also a $100,000 fine upon conviction.)

4. “Sentence” in la cadena

La cadena is commonly the word for “chain,” as in bicycle chain or chain store. It deserve to likewise expect string, netoccupational, station, ridge, or strand.

For the objectives of this blog short article, we are honing in on the expression “cadena perpetua,” which converts to “life imprisonment” or “life sentence.”

Le dieron la pena de cadena perpetua por el homicidio.

He was offered life imprisonment for the homicide.

Si la víctima fallece, el perpetrador será condenado a cadena perpetua.

If the victim dies, the perpetrator deals with a life sentence.

Una sentencia a cadena perpetua significa que usted permanecerá toda su vida en prisión, sin salir, hasta su muerte.

A life sentence means that you serve your entire life without gaining out of priboy before your fatality.

5. “To Sentence” in condenar

The continuous -AR verbs, condenar and also sentenciar mean “to sentence” in

Sentenciar – to sentence, adjudicate, convict, condemn

Como Paola era inocente, la corte no la sentenció.

(As Paola was innocent, the court did not sentence her.)

Condenar – to sentence, condemn, convict, doom, damn, indict, deplore

Tenemos que condenar la intolerancia y la xenofobia.

(We need to condemn intolerance and also xenophobia.)

More Example Sentences – más oraciones de ejemplo

La jueza condenó al acusado a quince años de prisión.

The judge sentenced the defendant to fifteen years in priboy.

Se le va a sentenciar pasado mañana.

He will certainly be sentenced the day after tomorrow.

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