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He was confident but not cocky and also very likable, in a puppy dog type of way.

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I spoke to him last night to wish him well, and also he was confident without being cocky about it, which is constantly good.It is great to walk in with confidence and also a friendly smile, however not be overly confident and also cocky!This type of surpclimbing, cocky offensive defence goes over well, particularly here.A lot of world are exceptionally cocky and also brash in this sector and tbelow were fairly a few walking roughly prior to the exam as if they'd already passed.For me they are as well brash, as well cocky, as well shpermit and as well plentiful.He's cocky and also egotistical and it's close to difficult to gain a word in edgemethods.No one had actually his look, his air of complete confidence and that cocky strut.I am incredibly confident but I wouldn't say I was cocky or anything choose that.Maybe he wasn't really that arrogant, cocky egomaniac that he pretfinished to be.He is justifiably proud of his occupational all these years later on, yet he never before comes off as cocky or arrogant.While the actor is confident and also cocky, he also has a type of sheepishness that stops him being simply one more action star.He is a confident lad, cocky like the majority of of those that can revolve their hand to genius, however nonethemuch less likeable for it.They are confident after a document run of nine successive wins, yet not cocky bereason they know the ultimate test has actually still to be set.United weren't developing a lot but they were cocky and they were obtaining on the sphere and dropping it into areas wright here something could take place.Upbeat yet not cocky, he was oblivious to his prospects of leading an as a whole majority federal government.He was cocky and also had pedigree but tright here was an underlying suspicion within the county that he can absence the mentality to enhance his ability.Never obtain too comfortable or too cocky, eextremely golfer is advised, because that's as soon as the game will certainly take a big bite out of your ego.It was impressive just how crucial and witty and also energetic and also downbest cocky he was.

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A mainremain of the Celtic team, he expects his absence to undermine their midfield however is not acquiring also cocky.