Ok, so prior to everyone freaks out, I was caught in a conversation the various other day talking about a medical worry with my girlfriend"s paleas, and I necessary to say "bottom" (that being the nicest I can think of in English) as in someone"s butt... however I definitely wasn"t going to say ""culo"" or ""culito"" because as much as I understand it"s never before a correct term to usage. So please, have the right to y"all assist me out (and also more than likely many type of others) through some words that are proper for various instances.

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Please state what audiences (occupational, household, friends, and so on..) it"s appropriate for, and also too please incorporate English & Spanish translation.


DJ ((( d(-_-)b )))

You deserve to also say "Las pompas," (everywhere and also fairly benign), "Las pompis" (for children), "La parte posterior" (everywhere and also sounds a little bit even more "grvery own up" than the initially two, yet still slightly humorous).

I've discovered that through the group I'm talking via (majority Mexicans in this case) "pompis" is the nicest means to say it. Thanks Julian! - DJ_Huero, JUN 24, 2011
Es " el ponpis" in Spain's mother's way. "Los" suggests several, and also none has actually a number of buts. - igual2, MAR 7, 2013

Nalgas (buttocks) or trasero (rear finish, backside) get the idea across.

You are appropriate that culo and culito must not be offered in polite firm.

Nalga literally implies buttock. It's in the D R A E, so it's not slang. La Wikipedia also uses it, and also who deserve to you trust if not Wikipedia? - KevinB, JUN 1, 2011

Nalgas - buttocks

Trasero - behind

Pedorro. - farter


Please (specifically via yours) put translations beside yours so people don't use the wrong words in wrong cases. ;-P - DJ_Huero, JUN 1, 2011
En el diccionario de la RAE jamás encontrarás tal disparate. "Buttocks" kid "cachas". Y en el diccionario de la RAE, sólo las navajas lo tienen. - igual2, MAR 7, 2013

Please be sure and include translations and audiences which it"s proper for so that future readers have the right to really obtain usage out of this. Thanks


Pompis like "mi" Julian states, is actually frequently supplied below in Spain, even medical professionals say that.

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¡Quédarse en pompas" = to strip

However, I would imply trasero or probably , exceptionally elegant:

el sitio donde la espalda pierde su nombre


"Haga lo que doña Lola mejor baila sola que con don pomposo" ... from a very old Mexideserve to "norteña" song - 005faa61, JUN 1, 2011
Bueno, mi reina, hoy en la noche voy a dormir soñanexecute con aquel sitio madrileño, ja,ja - 005faa61, JUN 1, 2011
"el sitio donde la espalda pierde su nombre" Jajajajajaja! épico el comentario!! xD - fjfuentesh, JUN 1, 2011
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