In English, one can say "bmuch less you" or "gesundheit" in response to a frifinish sneezing. Is tbelow a equivalent? If so, what is it?



From Wikipedia:

Usual Responses and also Notes

多喝点水 (Duō hē diǎn shuǐ), 一百岁 (yì bǎi suì), 保佑你 (bǎo yòu nǐ) or 长命百岁 (chánɡ mìnɡ bǎi suì); generally, listeners carry out not comment on the sneeze.

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"Drink even more water","May you live for a hundred years.", "bless you." or "May you live to one hundred years."

sneezer reply:

呵呵,不好意思 (bù hǎo yì si)


"He he (No interpretation, simply smile politely)","Excuse me."

tl;dr: frequently, listeners perform not talk about the sneeze.

Here"s some info on Cantonese

Usual Responses and Notes

大吉利事. Sneezing in Southern society means that someone is speaking ill behind your ago.


"A good fortunate event."

sneezer reply:




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answered Jul 30 "14 at 15:27

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I think a general response would certainly be "保重" (take care).

Never heard anyone saying things like: "一百岁 (yì bǎi suì), 保佑你 (bǎo yòu nǐ) or 长命百岁 (chánɡ mìnɡ bǎi suì);", that would be really creepy if I heard that.

"多喝点水 (Duō hē diǎn shuǐ)" would be fine, though, it"s kinda prefer saying "保重", however it would be more likely to say as soon as someone coughing, not sneezing.

You have the right to include some trailing words like: "保重點", "保重啊", "小心點"...etc to be even more natural.

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answered Jul 31 "14 at 9:48

Marson MaoMarkid Mao
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First of all, tbelow is no such social expectations in China nowadays.

However, in some locations, it might be correct to say "长命百岁"(wish you a lengthy life). But aobtain this is incredibly uncommon nowadays. Maybe one would say it as soon as an elderly sneeze or cough. More mostly, tbelow wouldn"t be a solution just to be polite.

If you really would like to express concern, you have the right to ask whether they captured a cold or market some advice such as "It"s getting cold, you"d better put on a coat". However before, those responses are not component a prescribed tradition. It"s part of your conversation and the sneezer will certainly response to your question as necessary with the impression that you supposed it.

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answered Aug 1 "14 at 8:13

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i sneeze and also no one really claims anything in china. i dont think any1 say"s bao y

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answered Feb 27 "19 at 0:32
Jasper LiJasper Li
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