So I was wondering just how to say "so" as in for example "I've simply started discovering Spanish, so I don't sheight that well yet"?

I recognize that "Así que" can be used for something favor this yet I was wondering if there is a more straight word. I regularly come up through phrases that would need a word prefer this, yet I haven't taken how to expression it.

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Entonces? Pues?

Yeah me also, yet I don't feel confident that it's excellent. Haven't really understood the distinction between pues and also entonces either tbh

In this situation I would certainly say 'so' is really being offered more like 'therefore'. If anything it's a shortening of 'so that'. I would say for that reason entonces isn't proper most of the time.

In your instance, one would certainly use así que.

Words "so" in English is rather interesting - it has countless uses and also interpretations depending upon the context.

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Using "so" to explain a degree: "Look at what he gave me, it's so nice!" - "Mira lo que me dió, es tan lindo!"

Using "so" to refer to a consequence: "I didn't have sufficient money, so I couldn't buy it." - "No tuve suficiente dinero, por lo que no lo pude comprar" (it's advantageous to think of "por lo que" and also "por lo tanto" as "therefore" in English)

Using "so" to suggest a purpose: see /u/-Obito- comment

Using "so" to show addition: "That computer system broke dvery own, and so did the other one" - "Esa computadora se rompió, y también la otra"

nativos corrijan pls ~

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se que no es exactamente lo que pedís pero acá te pongo una lista de conectores

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Gracias, me parece muy servicial!

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