When translating from English to French, just just how well perform these 2 term translate? For instance, in English you deserve to say "I'm okay", but in French you couldn't say "Je suis d'accord". What various other constraints does d'accord have? Sometimes it seems choose "alors" or "bien" would job-related much better as soon as translating the word "okay". Do these translation listed below work grammatically?

That's ok via me. --> C'est d'accord avec moi.

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Ok, we'll do that following. --> D'accord, nous ferons ça ensuite.


"D'accord" only means "OK" in the sense of acquiescence. Remember that "je suis d'accord" indicates "I agree". Just "d'accord" on its very own is a shorter develop of that.

In English "OK" is likewise provided as an adjective, however there's no equivalent of this in French (apart from utilizing OK itself, yet this is frowned upon). You have to think around what you really mean, is it great, acceptable, tolerable?

OK in English is a tricky one bereason it can be provided in so many methods whereas in various other languperiods they use many type of different terms.

Like 'ça marche pour moi', is more favor 'that works for me' as opposed to 'that's ok through me' (but still means the very same point, as it largely does in English).

To be hoswarm I only ever really hear 'D'accord' either on its own as a statement of understanding/providing the a-OK, or at the beginning of a sentence.

Use "d'accord" if you might use "I agree" or "I accept". Otherwise, don't use it. The first sentence would certainly be construed however sounds weird (And you wouldn't say "That's I agree via me". "C'est d'accord pour moi" would certainly already be closer, while still weird).

I second repossi's translation of "ça marche (pour moi)".

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One way to say "That's ok with me" is "C'est bon pour moi." yet not "C'est d'accord avec moi".

I reckon 1 would certainly work much better with "Ca va avec/pour moi" - I'm not French so take it through a pinch of salt :)


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