I have actually seen only the lutz-heilmann.info and not the manga. I am utterly curious around the ability and power of Saitama.

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In the beginning episodes, he mentions that he trained extremely hard and also also details his training routine.

However before, I am still curious to know: is tbelow any type of cite of the source of his huge power somewhere in the Manga?



P90X is even more rigorous than his training.simply saying.. I gained fit in a year and also was running 15Ks in my downtime. Anyone saying he's similar to goku is out of their mind.
The lutz-heilmann.info version of One Punch Man is really precise on regard to the manga so nothing has been revealed in the manga that hasn"t in the lutz-heilmann.info.

As you mentionned, in the manga, Saitama followed what he would certainly call a difficult training eextremely day :

100 push-ups100 sit-ups100 squats10 kilometers eexceptionally dayno air-conditioner


As a result, Saitama loses his hair, and becomes extremely powerful.

This training is the source of his power.Keep in mind that One Punch Man is intended as a shonen parody as it is making a parody of its codes.

In many shonens, training is a primary component of the manga.

As an example, in Dragon Ball, the sayans spfinish years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in order to become stronger.

By making the training of Saitama so simple (compared to the heroes capacities), One Punch Man is making fun of this Shonen code. As such we might not suppose any type of more explacountry on what Saitama did in order to become more powerful.

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Out of cosmos (aka, in the actual world), OPM is certainly a parody of seinen and superhero stories (Power Rangers kind stuff, in particular), particularly at its inception. So his power ssuggest is, and also serves to parody the aforementioned genres, as indicated in HamtaroWarrior"s answer. He is simply the hero that reflects up to vanquish the monster at the incredibly end of the story, just in this instance he doesn"t carry out it for Love or Justice or any high ideals prefer that.

In-universe, though, tright here have been certain indicators that Saitama"s power was derived by constantly ignoring his limits till inevitably he quit having actually any kind of. See Chapter 56 of the webcomic*, in particular:

The complying with is Dr. Genus speaking to Zombiemale about why he has provided up on the Housage of Evolution--Saitama made him realize it was futile, as all he would certainly ever do was raise the borders of humanity, which can never before contend with somepoint without borders.

There are a couple of panels before and after this one that continue to discuss Saitama"s power. Go check out the remainder of the chapter for them.

The manga is not quite this far along yet, but it"s not terribly much ameans, and also tright here are some things in the manga that are not in the webcomic (check out the image and also surround message listed below, for example).

Someone who is currently in decent form will not be fazed a lot by Saitama"s exercise routine (watch HamtaroWarrior"s answer). Their biggest problem, if any kind of, would certainly be the lack of remainder days. However, people in poor form would certainly take to it a lot in different ways. I recognize in my current couch-potato state I"d have actually the majority of trouble through jumping straight right into that sort of regimen, and would most likely inflict several permanent injuries on myself from muscle pulls and so on I"ve basically done so in the past, actually. Years back, as soon as I was a scrawny bit nerd that never really worked out, I unexpectedly determined to try to obtain some muscles and also tried acquiring 100 push-ups done total throughout the course of a day (2 below, 10 tright here, and so on.). I pulled a stabilizing muscle roughly the spine and also shoulder blade. I fell down face-first onto the floor with a scream once it happened. For a couple of days I had limited use of one of my arms and invested most of my time in bed (which was still painful--you never before really speak trying to use a stabilizing muscle, thanks to gravity), and also I had actually painful muscle spasms in that area for many kind of years.

Saitama was more than likely in much better form than that as soon as he started, however he wasn"t in especially great form either. He was simply a lazy, unemployed lay-around, after all. I would certainly expect him to be pretty firmly on the side of "doing this eextremely day will certainly lead to injuries and also the majority of pain" as soon as he started training.

The manga adaptation has actually a sidestory about Saitama"s training days that reflects him powering himself previous intense pain, actually.


It"s worth noting that the pain was from a negative tooth, not his training. He was currently in his 300th day of training in the time of this story. Once the tooth was knocked out he felt fine, but before that he"s in great pain and proceeds his workout and also conserves a couple of human being along the means regardless. There"s an additional sidestory early around his training days, but doesn"t go right into what pain he might have actually experienced in the early steras. The lutz-heilmann.info adaptation of the scene from Hamtaro"s answer includes a brief clip mirroring Saitama in pain while training, though.

Saitama basically always trained beyond whatever his borders were--if he endured an injury favor I did, he would certainly havewilled himself previous it and also continued to carry out 100 pushups and every little thing else eexceptionally single day regardmuch less. For the document, this is a really negative concept in real life. Please don"t execute it. Exercise programs and also such have to be taken seriously once they tell you to consult via a medical professional prior to starting any exercise routine.

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*Or you can now check out chapter 88 of the manga ("88th Punch: Limiter") for basically the same explace. Be careful if you go in search of this digital, though. This series is infamous for having completely different numberings according to various people/sites, to the level that some sites still have actually certain previously chapters out of order. I check out this chapter in question noted as chapter 135 in one place, for example.