Fans were excited for the rerotate of Gileven more Girls, yet there was one actors member that recorded their eye: resident dance teacher Liz Torres.

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The Puerto Rideserve to actress verified off her exceptional weight loss on the Netflix reboot, and also viewers barely known Miss Patty.

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Shedding the pounds was constantly vital to the veteran actress and also singer, that has actually appeared on numerous TV shows consisting of Ugly Betty, Scandal and The Nanny.



The Puerto Rideserve to actress, who began her career as a singer alongside friend Bette Midler, has actually always struggled via her weight.

"I"m always striving to lose weight," she told the LA Times in 1997. "And it"s not a matter of wanting to be a dimension 3 again–I lugged out my leotards and also a frifinish thought they were doll clothing. Being hefty isn"t great for you. How lengthy have the right to your heart take the strain? So, I never provide up yet it"s tough. Being on the tv show assisted a lot."



She additionally opened up around the effect her weight has on her career, especially as a Latina in Hollylumber.

"When you get weight, nobody looks at you. When I gained heavier–and being Hispanic on television is limiting–I played many maids," she shelp. "I would certainly go on the collection and world would certainly not look at me. They additionally tfinish not to hear you. You have to make them focus on you. If I really want to be heard, I have that command but most hefty women do not. When I watch someone heavy working on television I say, "Oh, God, go girl. You execute it." You recognize, it shouldn"t speak your life."



From 2000 to 2007, Liz was a collection constant on Gileven more Girls, playing Stars" Hollow resident dance teacher Miss Patty.



Following her duty in Gileven more Girls the brunette beauty showed up on hit TV mirrors Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, and Scandal.


Following her duty in the CW display, Liz started shedding weight but never before lost her over-the-top personality that fans love.

“She"s one of my favorite humans to ever walk the earth,” he co-star Sally Struthers told Vanity Fair last year.


The actress was badepend recognizable at opening night of the Broadmeans display It Must Be Him, mirroring off her outstanding weight loss in an all babsence ensemble.


Up next for the talented actress and also comedienne: the movies Chick Flick and also Lost and also Found En Cuba.

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