So if somepoint is ubiquitous, the factor for it being so might not be plainly understood

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Ubiquitous suggests something existing or being everywhere at the same time, a synonym is omniexisting.

Confusing describes something that is not straightforward to understand bereason of it"s complexity or lack of organization or explanation.

Therefore somepoint that is ubiquitous is regularly unattainable for our thinking, that indicates it becomes confutilizing for us, as we can not adapt it quickly to concepts we deserve to manage. Our minds can"t understand whatever at the very same time, our brain requirements to magazine and also prioritize indevelopment to understand also it. Imagine going to the cinema and sitting at the very front, the images are so close to you they appear to be everywhere you stare, periodically that confuses you as you attempt to focus on a spot lacking most things. This also happens with nature, that is the reason scientific research is split into various disciplines; and with principles like God, it is challenging to imagine a being that is anywhere at the very same time but that can"t be checked out, it leads to the majority of confussion and assorted attemps to describe it.

Neither Synonym , Nor Antonym ; but might be related.


Ubiquitous is something which is existing, exists, or os uncovered almost everywhere. It have the right to likewise be called as Pervasive, Omnipresent.

Confmaking use of is somepoint complex to to understand. It is unplainly or understandable or tough to understand also. It have the right to also be referred to as as perplexing, chaotic.

These words are neither synonym not antonym of each various other. However before they could be connected through each other. Such because ; something which present everywhere i.e ubiquitous, could be hard to be construed by people i.e confusing. Also; confusion is existing anywhere in some or the other method , so confusion is Ubiquitous




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