The damages of GAIA Prime are situated in the dead finish area to the east of Pitchcliff in the north, so quick take a trip to the closest campfire you have tbelow. The course that leads into the mountains is simply north of a Charger Site on your map. Once you reach the campfire, discover the handholds on the wall and climb it to a ledge, then use the following set to reach greater. This will bring you to some broken down machine components, wbelow you can uncover a beam that juts out at the finish to climb to a brand-new area. Up here, you will certainly hear Aloy point out some Stalkers doing their best game of hide-and-look for, via Watchers beyond them.

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There are 3 Stalkers right here and also if you look in the distance, you have to view some of their signal flares on the ground. Shoot them to lure the Stalkers out of hiding and nock a triple swarm precision arrow, aiming them at a weak spot. For some factor, this will certainly only cause that single Stalker to investigate, so easily resituate after hitting one and ready another triple swarm at one more weak allude. With sufficient damage, you have to have the Stalker cshed to fatality, so one or 2 even more hits will end up it off for excellent.

Do this through the other 2, or just fight them commonly if you have a fatality wish, then kill the three Redeye Watchers likewise in the location. Once you’re clear, remain on the eastern side of the waters and also head north to uncover more handholds on the rock wall. Use these and also some logs to scale to another area, wbelow you will find more machines waiting for you. This time, you’ll be up against some Glinthawks, Redeye Watchers, and Ravagers. Break the cannon off of the Ravager to make points a lot easier, however 2 of the three machines are weak to fire.

Follow the waters north/northeastern and on its western side, there will be more handholds to climb. As you reach the height, a brief scene will certainly occur that will certainly be pitting you against a Stormbird. First and foremany, use Tearblast Arrows to remove its Lightning Gun, which will certainly mitigate the moves it deserve to usage versus you by its most annoying ones. From right here on out, it’s simply a matter at chipping amethod its health and wellness, which fire arrows can carry out.


The Stormbird is the last defense before GAIA Prime (left). If all else stops working, you can always collection it on fire (right).

The Stormbird was the final defense between you and also GAIA Prime, yet there is one brief little detour. Head west from your area and also uncover the official path on your map. From wright here the route crosses the waters at the north finish, go southwest until you watch the path continue right southern for a split second before getting exceptionally thin on your map. At this point, look to the west to see a rappel point, together with some handholds underneath it. These will go up and also approximately to the optimal, wbelow you’ll come across the King’s Peak Vantage Point . With that out of the way, use the path to go east/northeast to the entrance of GAIA Prime.

Exploring GAIA Prime¶

Thanks to Sylens, you have a pretty set route ahead of you to reach the damages. You will want to be a little cautious here, as the ledges are thin and also falling will the majority of most likely spell your fatality. After some climbing and a ladder, you’ll officially reach GAIA’s Prime, so head on inside. Soptimal via Sylens, then activate the sdeserve to on the door to open up it. Inside, go straight northwest/north to a small room through a supply cprice and also the GAIA Prime Arrival Log Datapoint . Take the various other route and also climb down to reach one more exterior location via a rappel suggest.

Go west and also then southern to a zipline to loss to some handholds, which you deserve to use to acquire to another path that leads inside aget. Drop dvery own in the shaft for a supply cprice, then rerotate and climb approximately the next area. In the tiny room off to the side is the Log: Margo Shen Datapoint , then tbelow will be one more on the story path ( Log: Charles Ronson ). Follow the course dvery own to reach some stairs and inevitably, Elisabet’s room. You’ll come across five files below from Sobeck, yet they are damaged and will take time to recover.

Tright here will certainly be a smallish hole simply beyond tbelow that leads to a room with a holo projector. Access it to learn some more story bits, which you can’t skip, so you have to sit tright here and listen to them until it’s over. This will certainly net you the Elisabet Sobeck Memorial Datapoint , and also three more will certainly appear on the table after that - Rest in Peace , Log: Travis Tate and also Log: Charles Ronboy (2) . Sheight with Sylens after the truth, then go south into an additional room to discover the Core Control Log Datapoint . Back in the room with the holo projector, take the door in the northeast to a hallmeans.

Follow this hallmeans shortly to another elevator shaft, wright here tbelow will certainly be The Future Datapoint on the ground, so scan it and also climb to the following area. Back external, be careful of the slight gap in the course and also climb to an additional ledge, where you will certainly uncover The Equipment Datapoint . Tright here will certainly be a handorganize you can reach appropriate next to that Dataallude, which will certainly eventually bring you back inside of the facility, right into a room wbelow you learn the fate of the world inside of GAIA Prime. Talk with Sylens after it’s over, then grab the Master Override and it’ll be back to Sylens’ Workshop.


After grabbing the Master Override, use the left presented (left) to reach a room with a Power Cell (right).

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Of course, gaining earlier tbelow in one item is a different story. Exit the room and go northwest to some dilapidated stairs, bringing you to a zipline that you shouldn’t take ideal currently, specifically if you desire to get the best armor in the game. Tright here is a handhold you deserve to find appropriate prior to the zipline that you can use to climb/drop dvery own to a room that leads to a tiny room, wbelow you must discover the final Power Cell . Rerotate exterior and also drop dvery own to a ledge you deserve to use to climb up and inevitably reach Sylens’ Workshop. Here, you have the right to learn a lot more story from Sylens, including HADES targain. Once you’re totally free, shave the right to the room for three even more Datapoints, Intercepted Transmission , First Meeting and Buried Shadow , then go and attach the Master Override to Sylens’ spear to complete this quest.