Homeland seaboy 3, episode 4 recap. Allikid reviews Homeland also seachild 3, episode 4, "Game On", starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and also Mandy Patinkin.

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Does anyone else feel a small little bit favor Dana? As usemuch less (so it seems so far) and uninteresting as Dana"s story mainly is, she had actually one great moment in "Video Game On" as soon as showing Leo the area where her father was deployed before he became a POW. She sassist it was the last time her father told her a truth: Goodbye. "Everypoint after that was a lie." Of course, we can"t host hostility in the direction of Homeland favor Dana rightfully does towards Brody, bereason it"s nice when a present tricks us and also actually pulls off a grand also surpclimb. Hit the jump for who or what precisely that was.

Ok, so, that moment. That is why we love this present. We wondered about it, after last year went off the rails, but the authors found a way to make that issue and also to make it component of this season"s signature mystery.

But let"s ago up. Last week set us up perfectly for "Game On" as much as a manipulation of emotions and expectations. Carrie"s B-movie experience in the psych ward was augmented yet again to begin this episode, wright here she saw an additional patient screaming and also being sedated versus her will certainly. Last week we experienced Carrie and also Brody have parallel stories that put them, seemingly, in the exact same place: both were being organized captive, fed drugs, and were both entirely alone.

When Carrie was again approached by Mr. Franklin to offer out the CIA, we were positioned to be sympathetic to the cause. Carrie"s life was gone. Her family had been manipulated, her money was gone, even Virgil was being monitored. Everypoint had been taken from her except for her apartment, but also that wasn"t really safe. When she capitulated and also took the meeting, tbelow were flashbacks to Brody. Would a patriot, would certainly someone who truly loved their nation, revolve on it? In both cases, a case could be made that their nation put them in that position, eliminated innocents and then abandoned tright here own. Wouldn"t that make anyone pausage to consider their loyalties?

Still, one could never before believe that Carrie would rotate on her civilization, however she did insert the caveat up front that she would not name names or out area agents. Could it be possible?

Why trust Homeland, though? It was all a rusage, which is a mind-boggling proplace. How far back did this go, and as soon as was this arrangement hatched? Was this all part of the act? There was one more moment that developed a hundred other questions: Carrie cried telling Saul he must have obtained her out of the psych ward previously, and also he shouldn"t have left her tbelow. So when exactly did Carrie get in on this plan? And what were the terms?

Homeland also 1x04 - Video Game On
Throughout "Game On," I preserved wondering how far the display might take "Carrie v the CIA." The time limit was pretty much up currently, and the present decided to strike at just the appropriate minute to keep us interested, even sitting up straighter in our chairs. The present has likewise maintained a nice balance of 80% Carrie, 20% "other." The Other has actually been less successful, because just how a lot carry out the Brody"s issue without their patriarch? We were always supposed to care about them, but … did we?

Regardmuch less, Homeland will most likely find a way to make them all fit in aobtain. We have the right to hope. Wright here Brody"s future lies within the present is unparticular, but it"s much less vital now. Carrie is earlier to being a badass, and there are plenty more opportunities for twists and also transforms as Carrie starts to work-related this terrorist financier for Saul. As lengthy as those 2 are in cahoots, we should all feel a tiny safer.

Episode Rating: B

Musings and also Miscellanea:

-- Martin Donovan! So glad to watch him (as Mr. Bennett. Despite what Carrie desires, I doubt that will certainly be the last we view of him).

-- Thinking back now around the truth that Carrie truly looked prefer she acknowledged what he shelp around the CIA phasing her out to then kill her as soon as she knew rather she would be ok … all the awards.

-- Loved the joke that will certainly lug dvery own the Iranian: that he dubbed himself after a famed goalie. Soccer keeps coming approximately as a motif, too (or at least is being recognized, which I like).

-- Apparently you need to give up your constitutional rights to sign up with the CIA. Unfortunate.

-- Ah ha! So Mike Faber is back. Kinda stselection this is the first time we"ve checked out him. I would certainly have expected the kids to embrace him through open arms after the betrayal of their father.

-- So Leo just happens to recognize where chop shops are? And did he kill his brother, or was it a suicide pact gone awry? Do we care?

-- Carrie resides in Adams Morgan! Little insider DC information tbelow, I choose it.

-- "Leave it to my daughter to loss in love on the psych ward" - Jessica.

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