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Image: IO Interactive
In this Hitguy 3 guide, we’ll present you wbelow to find the safe code in Alexa Carlisle’s office so you have the right to retrieve the case file and also complete the Mission. (If you’re just right here for the code, scroll all the method to the bottom.)

Enter Alexa Carlisle’s office (unseen)

Tbelow are plenty of ways to gain into Alexa Carlisle’s office regardmuch less of exactly how you complete the remainder of the level. Below, we’ll show you a route that will certainly take you from the major gate entrance and approximately the office without being watched and without requiring disguises.

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Path from the Main Gate to Alexa Carlisle’s Office without being viewed. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin/ | Source images: IO Interactive through From the gate, duck into the bushes on the appropriate, and also follow the primary course up toward the manor.

Image: IO Interactive through Cut to the left (south), pass behind the gardener, and also proceed alengthy the wall until you come to a mansion guard and a gardener chatting.

Image: IO Interenergetic by means of You’ll be crouching in a bush, so you’ll be out of sight. Climb up the wall on your appropriate, take a left, and also head for the front of the closest automobile.

Image: IO Interactive using Wait for the staff to complete talking, and also they’ll both rotate about. Skirt approximately the ago (south-ish) of the cars to hedges on the far side. Vault the low wall — you’ll be looking at the hearse.

Image: IO Interactive by means of Cut left behind the hedge, and drop down off the wall right into the bushes there. Follow alengthy behind the 2 guards patrolling the route to your left.

Image: IO Interactive via You’re only going a little means below. Follow them to the next stairinstance. Look up it, and make sure the nearby guard isn’t looking at you. Head up the stairs, and also cut left.

Use the green pipes and also ledges to reach the 3rd floor (Level 2). Image: IO Interenergetic via Snake in between the cars and also climb the green pipe. At the top, follow the ledge to the best, to the following pipe. Climb that one, as well, and also proceed to the open up home window.

Take out these five guards and also staff to move openly. Image: IO Interactive by means of You’ll be inside Thornbridge Manor on Level 2 (and trespassing).

There are five guards and staff to take care of before you can discover Alexa Carlisle’s office easily.

As quickly as you’re inside, crouch down and also hide behind the chairs. Wait for the housekeeper to duck right into the small room on the ideal. Follow her in and also subdue her (there’s an armoire in the closet to the south wright here you can stash her).Head east into the bathroom. Turn on the document player (gramophone?) by the tub. Hide behind the tub, and wait for the staff member to come examine it out. Subdue him, and stash his body ago in the closet.Work via Alexa Carlisle’s bedroom utilizing the furniture as cover till you can reach the other staff member. Subdue her, and stash her in the armoire to the best of the door. (If you require a weapon, there’s a fire poker next to the firearea.)Tip out right into the hall and also creep up on the mansion guard. Stuff him in the cprice on your left.Continue across the hall to Alexa Carlisle’s office. There’s one last guard at the bottom of the stairs on your left. Throw somepoint from the doorway to either distract him or knock him out. Dump his body in the crate under the stairs.

Alexa Carlisle’s office safe code

Image: IO Interactive via Head for the desk alengthy the west side of the room. Use Instinct to discover a switch on the arm of Alexa’s chair. Push it, and also revolve to the left (south). A paint of a dog will slide amethod, revealing the safe.

Image: IO Interactive through Use your cam (or simply connect with the safe) to acquire a good look at the signs over it: a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. These are items in the room.



The clock is on the south side of the room under the stairs. There’s a 1 appropriate in front of it.


Head up to the height of the stairs to uncover the telescope. Tbelow is a 9 on the wall beside it.


Back downstairs, walk up to the firelocation. Tright here is a 7 on the ago wall inside.


The moose head is over the door you gone into through. You’ll need to perform a little maneuvering to spot it, however there’s a 5 on the wall above it.

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Find the instance file

Take these numbers and also punch them right into the safe in order — 1975 — to discover the instance file.