It was just 2 weeks ago that (okay, this writer) officially asserted 2005’s Hitch as the best rom-com of all-time. And now, Mendes, who starred as the challenging and witty Sara Melas opposite Will Smith‘s charming Alex Hitchens, has actually declared that she’s lastly prepared to say “Yeah!” to a sequel.

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“You recognize what? It’s time for a Hitch 2,” she nlutz-heilmann.infoly told Entertainment Tonight. Will, let’s execute this. Hitch 2.”

When you obtain Mendes, you don’t just gain a badass actress, you obtain someone through ideas, for this reason her idea at what a film might look like: “Now in the human being of all these dating apps, what would certainly Hitch do? He’d be out of a task.”



Well, great minds think afavor, because I may or may not have actually invested many time thinking about what Hitch 2: Back in Business looks choose. Here’s my current Hitch pitch: We pick up 15 years after the events of the initially film, and also Hitch and Sara are freshly separated (blame Eva’s semi-retirement). Hitch must now return to the game and service that has so considerably adjusted in his time away. That is as soon as he meets a younger variation of himself in Jakid “Match” Maker (played by Michael B. Jordan), that likes the challenge of helping out this seemingly old, uncool guy. On the other hand, Match has actually decided to switch it up and try coaching a woman, which doesn’t sit well through his client’s feisty roommate Dana (played by Mackenzie Davis). Sparks will fly in between Match and also Dana, and also, thanktotally, we’ll score a late cameo from Mendes to reconcile Hitch and also Sara.

In the ET intersee, Mendes admits that acting isn’t really a priority for her anyeven more (her last crmodify remained in 2014), however her excitement over a Hitch 2 has actually suddenly opened up story possibilities. So, please excusage me while I go begin rlutz-heilmann.inforites, because Hitch isn’t the just one ago in business!

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