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- It"s the very same male who tried to rob the payroll, no doubt about it, that"s him.

- He planted the drugs on me.

- Rachim, Mohammed, Larry. How are you males doing?

- Hey, hey, how ya doing?

- You understand those people?

- He was wearing my Harvard tie. Can you believe it? My Harvard tie. Like, oh sure, he saw Harvard.

- I suppose, if he"s being thrust about in my car, he could actually be living in my residence. Maybe he"s even taken my job.

- You understand, for all I know, ideal at this moment he could be fondling my fiancee.

- And Coleman - after years of service, this betrayal. I don"t understand also it.

- There"s going to be retribution. Oh, he"s going to pay. The points that I am going to...

- Shut up, Louis.


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Trading locations (1983) Sound Clip


Sound clips of well known quotes and also funny lines from the Trading locations (1983) movie soundboard.

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Actors: Dan Aykroyd (Louis Winthorpe), Eddie Murphy (Billy Ray Valentine), Ralph Bellamy (Randolph Duke), Don Ameche (Mortimer Duke), Denholm Elliott (Coleman), Jamie Lee Curtis (Ophelia), Paul Gleaboy (Clarence Beeks)

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