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Question - (28 January 2016) 9 Answers - (Newest, 30 January 2016)A femaleage 30-35,anonymouswrites:

My boyfrifinish came inside me after having actually sex.

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He always pulls out and also this is the initially time in 2 years he has ever before done this. So I am wondering if I have to be came to by the change in behaviour. Why do this after all this time as soon as he has actually never before done this before?

He told me because I am on my duration there is no possibility of me getting pregnant. I am not on the pill and also never before have been. Our only contraception has been spermicide.

So simply wondering why the change today? I did ask him and he simply chalked it up to me being on my duration but I have actually been on my period lots of times and he never before came inside me prior to.

Can anyone offer some advice or opinions?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 January 2016):

I don"t think I have ever heard of world just making use of a spermicide alone for birth regulate. Perhaps because "Spermicides supplied alone are around 70% to 80% effective."

That is pretty riskies unless you desire to obtain pregnant!

I would certainly get an extra reliable create of birth regulate.

A femalereader, chigirl 

 +, writes (29 January 2016):

He desires you to get pregnant.


Amale reader, anonymous, writes (29 January 2016):

You CAN acquire pregnant utilizing the pull out method.

However before, once done properly this strategy is approximately 70 to 98 percent efficient.

Precum does NOT contain sperm. Unmuch less the male has ejaulated freshly, as some sperm might stay in the urethra and the precum then takes them with it. Precum is sindicate a lubricant.

If the male urinates prior to sex, the likelihood of any type of sperm finding their way right into precum is minimal as the urine washes the urethra out.

So yes, you can become pregnant, however unmuch less done mistakenly, the risks of pregancy are not much better than the pill or condoms.

Pulling out does jack shit for STDs though.

As to having sex on your period... you CAN gain pregnant, yet it is highly unmost likely. In reality you most likely have actually even more opportunity of pregnancy from the pull out technique. But sex on a womans period is thought about much less preferable for many factors.

Look, at the finish of the day of you discover a.contraceptive strategy that works for you, then have at it. But recognize the dangers. And recognize... no approach of contraception is 100 percent effective, small percentages will certainly get pregnant in spite of what technique employed.

Life finds a way. As it were.


A malereader, eddie85  +, writes (29 January 2016):

You understand what they contact couples who use the pull out strategy as a kind of birth control?


While you might have actually obtained (extremely lucky) so much you need to remember that once a guy is having sex, bit bits of pre-cum are created that eventually discover their way right into your vagina. This pre-cum actually has actually some sperm in it that is qualified of making you pregnant.

If you don"t desire to end up being pregnant please please usage birth manage 100% of them time.

That being said, the easy answer to your question is that likely your boyfriend shed manage or had cummed simply a little bit and figured why not go for broke. To be hocolony, it is even more pleasurable for a male to ejaculate in your vagina versus pulling out.



A femalereader, Tisha-1  +, writes (29 January 2016):

Why did he perform this?

Due to the fact that he"s as cluemuch less about contraception and also preventing STIs as you seem to be. You are 22-25, no flag offered, so I can"t straight you to the website in your country which would provide some very standard indevelopment for the both of you.

Yes, you should be came to in the readjust of behaviour. (Ah, a clue, it"s the Queen"s English you supplied.) What"s more, you must be in charge of your very own contraception. So your very own behaviour requirements a look-see.

Advice, don"t be so passive in your own personal health and wellness and also health.

Opinions, he"s a prat, as Fatherly Advice said. But then he"s been making use of the pull out method for so lengthy, he just acquired lazy.

Wake up and also take better treatment of your health and wellness. You are 22-25, you have your whole life ahead of you, wise up!

And for your very own safety and security, go watch your gynecologist and talk about this whole case with her (or him) so you don"t go on making uninformed and also ill-advised decisions.


A malereader, Fatherly Advice  + ♥, writes (28 January 2016):

My advice would certainly be to not have unprotected sex unless you want to have a child.

My opinion would be that he is a little exhausted of pulling out. He additionally is a finish prat for not acquiring permission first.

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A femalereader, aunt honesty 

 +, writes (28 January 2016):

I hate to prove him wrong but you have the right to actually gain pregnant on your duration, it is less likely but it is still possible, so it could be a great principle to acquire the morning after pill if you don"t want to come to be pregnant. You have the right to acquire it up to 72hrs after sex-related intercourse, yet the sooner it is acquired the better.

I cannot tell you why he done this, also though it is completely out of character, it might be a case that he concerned easily and also it taken place so quick that he didn"t actually mean to do it, or perhaps he just got carried away and wanted to check out what it felt like. I don"t think it is a cause for concern however if you didn"t want him doing it then you must talk to him around it.


Afemale reader, anonymous, writes (28 January 2016):

yes. He is either truly is either truly ignorant about the truth that you have the right to obtain pregnant at any kind of time in the time of your cycle, in which instance you deserve to present him loads of websites that tell you various. or, he is hoping to acquire you pregnant to make certain that you are willing to stick roughly no matter what and also by getting pregnant it will certainly be awtotally difficult for you to entirely disattach from him. if you carry out not desire a baby, obtain your ass on birth manage and take him dvery own to the Women"s Center with you so he can hear the doctor or midwife tell him that you can indeed obtain pregnant. if he refsupplies, tell him tright here is no even more sex till his agrees. do not let him attempt to tell you you are being demanding because it is your body that will be pregnant. if he does not prefer that, dump him.


Amale reader, anonymous, writes (28 January 2016):

Very straightforward. He couldn"t pull it out in time so he let it go. Actually by instinct males of all species including humans are wired in such a means to undertaking to area the semales as cshed as possible to the female egg to facilitate fertilization.I hope you are prepared for marital relationship if a pregnancy occurs, bereason the method you are utilizing for avoidance is extremely unreliable.

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