I"m Looking for this story, it was on FF.Net, but with their restrictive and unappealing new guidelines, the majority of excellent stories are being rerelocated without warning due to "not meeting guidelines". Do you recognize if this writer went somewbelow else? Or just how I have the right to contact him and also ask him for duplicates of his works? Thank you.

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He likewise created "Harry Potter: Avenger Reborn", wright here Harry is Sasuke Uchiha"s reincarcountry. Thanks aobtain.


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O Jordinio O (the writer of the dead story you are looking for) was eliminated by FanFiction.Net Staff, so everything O Jordinio O wrote was also deleted/purged by the FFN Staff and Admin. But if I ever run into O Jordinio O aobtain external FFN, I"ll tell him to article his stories on AFF.

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O Jordinio O (the writer of the dead story you are looking for) was eliminated by FanFiction.Net Staff, so everything O Jordinio O created was likewise deleted/purged by the FFN Staff and Admin. But if I ever before run into O Jordinio O aget exterior FFN, I"ll tell him to write-up his stories on AFF.

Jordinio actually didn"t obtain any type of of his stories deleted, he took them down himself because he was unsatisfied through them (yes, them,he does it sensibly often).

The factor he didn"t answer your message is bereason numerous us asked him if he could reshort article or why he had taken dvery own this or that story and he obtained fed up via it.

Don"t mean to check out it reposted soon though, I adhered to him given that before he readjusted his account name to jordinio and I have actually never before viewed him rewrite-up a story he deleted.

well that"s sad, I deserve to see wright here he would certainly not be happy via his story, regarding the suggest that he left it at, it seemed more favor he was just throwing Ideas in to store it going. I might watch some very god principles in the story and was hoping to copy them so that I could Issue a Challenge on HPFanFicArchive.com so that someone else would certainly have the ability to pick it up and stylize it while keeping the original storyline undamaged.

tell the mods to stop being stubborn around it then. a frifinish of me and also 0 Jordinio 0 (i"m his beta reader) desires to post them below, yet jordan does not remember his password so he can"t provide official permission. without that, he can not post them given that it counts as someone else"s work-related, despite Jordan abandoning NSA currently.

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It has actually not a DAMN point to perform through stubbornness. It has to execute via ToS compliance. Which you would certainly recognize if you review it. grumpy already knows what he has to execute, as he finally responded to among numerous emails sent out to him about this.

As to jordinio, tech support is straightforward enough to reach. All HE needs to carry out is send an email explaining that he can not remember his password, etc, and also I"ll walk him with activation. That"s simple enough.

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Should you opt to proceed not following the Terms of Service, which are actually straightforward, then you"ll uncover that we "stubborn mods" have various other means to sheight you and grumpy from posting below at all.


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