the GENTLENESS. the INTIMACY. the TENDERNESS. the way EVERY OTHER TROLL regains their shade head-to-toe, up-and-dvery own, however for Branch, the blue spreads out and out from the point wbelow Poppy is poignant him, because she is the one that lugged him here. she is the one that brought him back to happiness, who brought him earlier to himself. she has been the brightest thing in his life for SO LONG and he’s finally let her all the way in, he’s finally stopped trying to press her back out


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If anyone EVER disrespects the True Colours scene, they had actually better begin running cause I will haunt them.

me: i choose Trolls for all the intersecting storylines and also character arcs and also friendship dynamics and also pretty art and fun deindicators and 80s’ music and–

Branch and Poppy: *exist close to each other for .0000000003 seconds*

me: ROMANCE has a NAME 😍😍😍

Branch’s little“everybody hold on!” once the roller skate takes off is literally the only point keeping me going in life

upday, Branch’s quiet whispered little“watch your step” as all the trolls rush through the root tunnels is the OTHER only thing keeping me going in life

Branch: I might not gain “sufficient sleep”, however deserve to any kind of various other troll perform THIS?


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I don’t mean to be that Broppy shipper, yet you’ll need to pry my headcanon that he was talking about Poppy from my cold, dead hands. 💖💖


Okay, so I controlled to uncover a video clip around the entire display of the 2021 Kids’ Choice Awards and came throughout the ideal one. I’m so lucky that I managed to record this component, however by the looks of the start of the video, you have the right to tell exactly how excited I am!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Here’s a section of the 2021 KCA ceremony wright here it presents the nominees for Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie, through the voice actors of Poppy and Branch among them. Warning; this may surpincrease you A LOT once you view some acquainted faces!!! 😄😊👍