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Recheck out of Peaceful Progression Wake-Up Clock

November 26, 2007 By Rachel 10 Comments This site uses affiliate/referral links, interpretation if you choose to make a purchase after clicking them, I will make a tiny commission, at no added cost to you. (For more information, check out the complete disclosure plan.) Thank you for helping me keep the site online!

I ultimately remembered to put some “smelly stuff” in my clock so I might test the scent function and compose the promised testimonial, so here goes…

ArrivalWhen the clock arrived and I unpacked it, the box reeked. I don’t know if it was the combicountry of every one of the included aromatherapy bead scents or what, yet it really smelled gross (and strong!) – like walking dvery own an incense aisle at the save. Aside from that, though, unpacking it and establishing it up was unremarkable. Installation of the backup battery was straightforward. Programming the clock was pretty simple through the contained instructions. Although it would seem that through all of its functions, the setting of the clock would certainly be incredibly facility, it’s actually extremely simple once you’re rather familiar with it. Nighttime go-to-sleep settings are on the left side of the clock and morning wake-up settings on the right; keeping them sepaprice helps save points straightforward, and also one is set pretty a lot choose the various other. Key settings – sounds, clock butloads, on/off switches, etc. – are dvery own the facility of the clock.

Features and also QualityThe clock supplies six various background sounds for gradually waking up and/or for soothing the user to sleep. These sounds are nightfall, thunderstorm, Zen melody, mountain stream, songbirds, and ocean surf. I uncovered that I can hear the “loop” of each sound pretty plainly, so I have a solid preference for certain sounds over others. Ocean surf, for example, mirrors the interruption a lot less severely as soon as it loops than does, for instance, thunderstorm. (Ocean surf is what I usually use.) Four different scents of aromatherapy beads come via the clock: calming lavender, power (cananga, oarray, and amyris), tension relief (patchouli, ovariety, pine, and also rosemary), and morning cafe (coffee). Each is written of ethylene-vinyl acetate (presumably what composes the actual create of the beads) and also what appears to be actual important oils. I have not tried any of the beads yet; I provided cassia crucial oil on one of the felt rings and also it absolutely works! Just 3-4 drops scented our whole bedroom to practically overpowering! (Oops.

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Guess I’d better usage less next time.