When your Google Pixel 2 XL does not recognize your microSD card you can no longer expand its storage to save even more pictures and also videos. In this tutorial, you learn exactly how to settle the Google Pixel 2 XL not reading SD card problem.

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How To Fix Google Pixel 2 XL Not Reading SD Card

The initially point to carry out is check for any updays. This contains software program updays for your phone as well as application updates. Please continue through the adhering to tips once you check for and/or install update (if any).

Test micro SD Card On Another Device

Rerelocate the SD card from your Pixel 2 XL and inspect to view if it works on one more tool ( a phone or a computer). If it functions via a different tool, then the trouble is a lot of likely an concern with the phone.

Clean the SIM / Micro SD Card Slot

Check the SIM card/micro SD card slot for dirt or debris. This have the right to prevent the phone from analysis the microSD. Clean the slot out utilizing a deserve to of compressed air and examine if the Pixel 2 XL reads the micoSD card after.

Try A New microSD Card

Perhaps the microSD card that you desire to use is not compatible via your phone. You have to attempt a brand-new microSD card to check out if it functions via your phone.

Soft Reset

If it is a software program glitch, simplyexecute a soft recollection by pressing both the volume down and power butlots at the very same time. Hold them dvery own for 10 seconds. You might feel your phone vibrating at some suggest yet only release the tricks if the display screen transforms on.

Safe Mode

Start your Google Pixel 2 XL in Safe Setting to recognize if an application is resulting in problems via your microSD card. In Safe Mode, just pre-mounted apps are enabled to run. If your microSD card functions then you recognize that an application is avoiding your Pixel 2 XL from recognizing your card. Uninstall apps one by one to figure out which reasons the trouble.

Wipe The Cache Partition

After an update or in basic, it is constantly excellent to wipe the Google Pixel 2 XL cache partition. This removes momentary documents and various other information that can be corrupt.

Factory Reset

As a last retype, you have the right to factory reset your Google Pixel 2 XL. However before, be certain to back up photos, contacts, and also other important records prior to you perform so.

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Final Advice

8 Easy Fixes For Google Pixel 2 XL Not Reading SD Card

The above tips need to help solve the Google Pixel 2 XL Not Reading SD Card problem. However, if your Pixel 2 XL still does not acknowledge your microSD card, take it to a Google certified repair shop or one more qualified technician.