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Often the things that have actually the the majority of value or quality are small; the dimension of somepoint does not constantly correctly suggest its value. Experiencing the love of a baby is really life-transforming. It"s so true that great points come in little packperiods.

Often the points that have actually the most value or quality are small; the size of somepoint does not always correctly suggest its value. A variation of the even more widespread phrase, "excellent points come in small packperiods." Experiencing the love of a baby is really life-transforming. It"s so true that the best points come in little packeras.

Prov. Small packages frequently contain helpful points. (Sometimes said of petite or short human being.) Jill: I"m upset at George. He just gave me this tiny box for my birthday. Jane: Don"t acquire upcollection till you recognize what"s in it. Good points perform come in small packages. Child: I hate being so short. Grandmother: You shouldn"t. The best points come in tiny packperiods.

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