Sayings. Good points come in small packages. Meaning and example. Good things come in little packperiods in other languperiods.



When someone says Good / Best / Big / The finest things come in little packages they mean that also though something may be little, it is of better quality than huge points. So the bottom line is that things have to not be underestimated bereason of their small dimension.

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At the finish of the day, bit things, such as gathering rosebuds, is what lug interpretation back right into my life. You know, good things come in tiny packages.



Good things come in tiny packeras in Basque language

Lurrin ona flasko txikietan saltzen da (literally, a good perfume is offered in little bottles).

Good things come in small packeras in Catalan

Al pot petit hi ha la bona confitura (literally, the excellent jam is in the tiny jar).


Good points come in tiny packeras in (Mandarin) Chinese

好東西不在個頭大 (pronounced Hǎo dōngxī bùzài gètóu dà; literally Small things are big) .

Good points come in little packeras in French

Tout ce qui est petit est mignon (literally, All that is small is nice); additionally Dans les petites boîtes, les bons onguents (literally, Inside the tiny boxes, the excellent ointents).

Good points come in little packperiods in Galician language

As boas cousas vénthick en pequenas doses (literally, Good things are sold in small doses).

Good things come in tiny packperiods in German

In den kleinsten Flaschen ist das beste Likör (literally, In the little bottles tright here is the finest liquor).

Good points come in small packeras in Italian

Nelle botti piccine ci sta il vino buono (literally, In the tiny barrels, tright here is the great wine).

Good points come in tiny packages in Scots language

In Scottish language —attention, not Scots Gaelic— you can say Guid equipment comes in sma’buck which indicates even more or much less the exact same.

Good points come in tiny packages in Spanish

El perfume (o la esencia) se vende en tarro pequeño (literally, Perfume is offered in little jars).

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