This is a web page for the Blades of Chaos weapon in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Read on to learn just how to obtain the Blades of Chaos, weapon upqualities, abilities, Runic Attacks, and Blade Pommels!

How to Get the Blades of Chaos


The Blades of Chaos deserve to be obtained in the time of the ninth story chapter, The Sickness. Kratos will need to take a trip to Helheim to uncover a cure for Atreus"s condition and also he has to retrieve the Blades of Chaos from their residence as the Leviathan Axe is useless against the realm"s opponents.

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The Sickness Quest Walkthrough

Blades of Chaos Upgrades

Level Cost Stats
1 - 5 Runic
2 1 Chaos Flame 10 Runic
3 1 Chaos Flame 20 Runic
4 1 Chaos Flame 35 Runic
5 1 Chaos Flame 50 Runic

Blades of Chaos Skills

Melee Combat

Skill Weapon Lv. Effect
Rushing Chaos
1 While sprinting, push R1 to execute an effective doube-slash attack that staggers opponents.
Rising Fury
1 Hold R2 to perform an effective strike that launches enemies right into the air.
Plume of Chaos
2 Press R2 in the time of the second-to-last light combo strike to include a Heavy Combo Finisher.
Whirling Chaos
2 Hold R1 to perform a powerful strike that strikes all opponents around Kratos.
Chaos Slam
3 While sprinting, press R2 to leap right into the air and also percreate a powerful chain-slam attack.
Spinning Chaos Strike
3 While evading, organize L forward and also push R1 to percreate a leaping spin strike.
Redealing with Slash
3 While evading, host L earlier and also push R1 to assault all enemies in a big radius.
Chaotic Rampage
4 Switch stances by pautilizing momentarily after any type of Blades of Chaos strike. Once in a new stance, press R1 to percreate a flurry of close-variety strikes.
Chaotic Frenzy
5 Increases the number of strikes in the Chaotic Rampage strike.
Chaotic Flurry
5 Switch stances by pamaking use of momentarily after any kind of Blades of Chaos assault. Once in a brand-new stance, press R1 to perdevelop an explosive triple-stab dash assault.
Chaotic Concussion
5 Press R2 after the Chaotic Flurry assault to perform a powerful follow-up stab that plants a detonating bomb on any adversaries hit, inflicting added BURN damage.

Elepsychological Combat

Skill Weapon Lv. Effect
Spear of Chaos
1 While aiming, push R1 to impale an adversary and also yank them in the direction of Kratos.
1 Perform attacks in quick succession without sustaining damage to power up the Blades of Chaos and also inflict BURN damage on eexceptionally hit. Bonus to LUCK and also RUNIC.
Elepsychological Slash
1 Aim and also Press R2 to perdevelop an effective sweeping strike that inflicts hefty BURN damage.
Elepsychological Surge
3 After impaling an opponent via the Spear of Chaos assault, hold R1 to send an Elemental wave of energy down the chain, blasting and launching the opponent right into the air.
Furious Immolation
2 Increases the amount of Immolation obtained on eexceptionally successful Blades hit.
Elepsychological Charge
3 Aim and hold R2 to charge up BURN damage that is inflicted on influence.
Elepsychological Explosion
3 Increases the size and also damage brought about by the Elepsychological Surge explosion, launching all enemies in range and also inflicting added BURN damages.
Engulfing Spear
4 The Spear of Chaos assault creates a minor fire explosion on contact, inflicting BURN damage.
Elemental Overcharge
4 While aiming, host R2 to charge the Blades of Chaos even additionally and release an effective Elepsychological Slash inflicting enormous BURN damages in a wide area.
Essence of Athena
5 Permanently increases LUCK by 10.
Essence of Ares
5 Permanently boosts STRENGTH by 10.

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Essence of Zeus
5 Permanently increases RUNIC by 10.

List of Blades of Chaos Skills