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Take Down!

2nd Place in Derby #341: Sports!, through 205 votes!

Wow! Ripping on sporting activities got us so amped that we"re going to sarcastically take down a few other things that carry human being mild enjoyment! Check it:

"Yay, British guy! Run dvery own the corridor away from the alien while the girl screams!"

"Heck yeah, board games! I"m throwing a tantrum bereason my frifinish harvested more brick than me!"

"Awww sweet, Bitcoin! A brand-new method to exchange money that"s always debated in exactly how many kind of dollars each one is worth!"

"Wahoo, pizza! Melted cow fat combined through the carcasses of pets and/or the compost of destroyed vegetables!"

"Let"s hear it for romantic relationships! Frantically stuffing the void we feel at the believed of dying alone via an additional human being!"

"Go, humale endeavor! Fool us right into thinking we are more than squishy bags of electrical impulses!"

"Hoorah, graphic t-lutz-heilmann.infos! Let everybody else who likes the same point as me understand that I, also, understand also jokes around those things!"

"Nice project, mortality! Pretfinishing choose anypoint that happens in this brief time actually matters!"

"Let"s perform it, anti-sporting activities sentiment! Sitting in my room alone complaining about the uncomplicated feelings of camaraderie and joy everyone else is feeling right now!"

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About the Artist

The Awkward Yeti

Wait, someone namedtheawkwardyeti doesn"t like sports???

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