2020 is nearing its finish, and anxieties are at an all time high. What does this suppose for democracy? Using Charles Dickens’ well known Christmas story, I attempt to explore the question. This short article is the first episode of a collection referred to as “If the Universe is Expanding, Then So Should Democracy”, which aims to explain the inspiration behind Accidental European.

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This will certainly demand imaginative initiatives across the board: from nationwide to supranational federal governments, politicians, financial actors, civil society organisations, the media, billionaires…15In the last few years – and in certain since the decision by the British world to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as US president in 2016 – tright here has been a proliferation of tasks that look for to ‘defend’, ‘protect’ or ‘secure’ democracy within Europe and the US. That is why we launched Accidental European (AE); to break the silos, build the bridges, listen better, breed understanding, so that our collective force is lugged earlier to the plans that govern our democracies – in Europe and beyond. AE will certainly just play a little component in a greater ecosystem that need to involve efforts made by everyone to revolutionise autonomous spaces. 

All I desire this Christmas is for democracy to learn brand-new tricks

Christmas is just around the corner… and though my household never celebrated, the finish of the year still marks a minute of discussion, contemplation, and festivities. I perform not know exactly how much festivities we will be allowed this year, owing to the pandemic, yet discussion and also contemplation is absolutely on the food selection. What those discussions will revolve approximately will depfinish on just how the next couple of days, weeks, months unfold: US elections, Brdeparture conditions, pandemic… and also that is just scratching the surchallenge. 

Whether in Europe, or in the US, we are living a autonomous recession that knows no boundaries.16“A number of signs suggest to a state of dysfeature in democracy in Europe. Satisfaction through democracy has actually been declining. The party system has actually changed substantially with the increase of radical political parties, which has actually raised the all at once variety of parties in many European legislatures and might diminish the efficiency and ideological coherence of federal governments. Over the previous few years, there has been a basic decrease in voter turnout in many type of European countries, specifically among teams such as younger or much less well-educated voters. There has actually additionally been a decline in the membership of political parties – and also a climb in electdental volatility as voters have actually end up being even more likely to adjust affiliation. As a result of these patterns, some are afraid that Europe may be component of an international ‘democratic recession’.” – Hans Kundnani’s study paper, “The Future of Democracy in Europe: Technology and also the Evolution of Representation” published in March 2020 by Chatham Housage https://www.chathamhouse.org/sites/default/files/CHHJ7131-Democracy-Technology-RP-INTS-200228.pdf And much prefer the US, who interpreted that the survival of European democracies – after World War II – was a requiwebsite for Amerihave the right to democracy, I think – 72 years after the Marshall Plan – Europe currently too understands that the survival of American democracy is a requisite for its very own autonomous stcapacity. 

As we sit around through our households and also loved ones this holiday season, let’s attempt to remember that democracy is still an extremely recent success.

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If we desire it to endure, we require it to expand. This will call for good efforts from everyone; and also yet uncomfortable it may be, keep in mind that if an old fart favor Scrooge deserve to learn new tricks, then so can we.