To get up on the wrong side of the bed is an extremely old saying, but it wasn’t constantly provided figuratively. It’s been roughly considering that at least Roman times. 1Jarvie, Gordon. Bloomsbury Thesaurus of London: & C Black, 2009.

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Meaning of Idiom ‘Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed’

To obtain up on the wrong side of the bed is a very old idiomatic expression that indicates to begin the day in a negative mood and to be grumpy all day and also conveniently annoyed, however for no noticeable factor.


This everyday expression is supplied anytime a perboy we know appears unexplainably moody, yet it is commonly uttered in a lighthearted manner. We don’t say “he obtained up on the wrong side of the bed” as soon as we are truly angry over someone’s grumpy and rude behavior. Instead it’s even more a way of saying “he’s moody for some factor, so you much better give him some room.” Tright here are no difficult and also quick rules, of course, on exactly how this idiom is provided.

This idiom is occasionally provided as “woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” with the same meaning.

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“Mrs. Manners gave the class a 50-question pop quiz this day and also then offered everybody and also F! She have to have actually obtained up on the wrong side of the bed today.”


The origin of ‘gain up on the wrong side of the bed’ is more literal than metaphorical. The Romans had actually a superstition about which side of the bed you have to get up on. Specifically, that side was the appropriate side. The left side was the sinister side, pertained to the Devil. In fact, sinister was the Latin word for ‘left’ while dexter was the word for best. If you weren’t paying attention and also gained up on the left side of the bed instead of the appropriate, you were in for a damaging, horrible, no excellent, incredibly bad day. This saying around getting up on the wrong side of the bed passed via all of the Roman-affected civilization, at initially through particular intentions, later on evolving into a figurative expression. See more about the etymology of the word sinister.

This superstition around the left side is pertained to the superstition about throwing salt over the left shoulder. Salt wards off the Devil, who likes to assault from the left, or sinister side. See even more information about salt superstitions. It is additionally the origin of having a “adversary on your left shoulder and an angel on your right.”