If a person gets the ‘short finish of the stick,’ that suggests they gained the bad end of a deal. In other words, they received the leastern desirable outcome from something.

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Example: My uncle took me and also my brothers out fishing at a big lake. He lugged 4 fishing rods via him, which was enough for everyone, and we each got to pick the one we wanted. However before, I had actually to pick last, so I feel favor I got the brief finish of the stick bereason the one I finished up with was smaller and also much less sturdy than the others.

Quick End Of The Stick – Origin

This saying has existed considering that at least the 16th century. However, it was shelp differently earlier then. Throughout that time, Instead of ‘the short finish of the stick,’ the expression was ‘the worst end of the staff.’ In spite of the distinctions, its meaning was still comparable as far as I understand. This older variation (the one with ‘staff’ in it) provides an appearance in Nicolas Udall’s translation of Apophthegmes, that is to saie, prompte, quicke, wittie and sentencious saiynges, 1542:“Which as often as thei watch theim selfes to haue the worse ende of the staffe in their reason.”According to The Phrase Finder, the change from the word ‘staff’ to ‘stick’ happened about the mid-1sixth century according to the writings of John Heytimber. He was a writer and also collector of proverbs who lived at that time. He created a book called The Proverbs, Epigrams, and also Miscellanies of John Heywood in 1562, and also in it he explains:“Staff, ‘the worse end of the staff’, we currently say ‘wrong finish of the stick.’ “What around this expression through the exact wording it has actually today? The earliest example I have actually viewed in print is from the late 19th century.

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For instance, here is a quote from the Bar Harbor Record newspaper, 1895:“There was a equine and also hog trade consummated in Bar Harbor last week between 2 famous men which has been the topic of conversation ever since, and it is a question regarding who got the brief end of the stick.”

Example Sentences

Tom and also his siblings were assigned different house work by their parents—he was schosen for dish cleaning; but, he felt prefer he got the brief finish of the stick because the sink was filled via dirty plates.Comparable Example:Everyone was offered a slice of cake, yet it looks choose I received the short end of the deal as I was handed the smallest piece.Note: We have the definition of plenty of phrases and also sayings, and their origin! However before, it need to be listed that the beginning for some or even many type of sayings is unclear. Still, there is typically a quote of the expression listed on the page; this deserve to give you an concept on exactly how far ago in history it goes.Sharing is caring!