I once overheard a conversation in between two young woguys on a lengthy distance flight and also among them said: "He is past seventy, you know. His get-up-and-go is likely to have actually got-up-and gone." And they both laughed. That was the only time I ever heard such phrases. I checked some dictionaries and also found "get-up-and-go" = energy, ambition, whereas my search for "got-up-and-gone" found nothing. The means the two woguys laughed provides me wonder: does "get-up-and-go" have a genuine sexual connotation which the dictionaries omit, or is it an opinion-based, context-connected interpretation?


This is an old joke based on the idiomatic expression "get-up-and-go" (which is typically characterized as you have found). The most remarkable variant is most likely from the popular humorous poem "My Get Up and also Go Has Got Up and Went" (later collection to music by Pete Seeger) yet I imagine the witticism precedes it.

It"s not unlikely that the womales you overheard intended it through a sex-related connotation, but then, a lot of things can be intfinished in such a method if you are so inclined.

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I would certainly just say they laughed at the clever word-play; to me, the sentence basically suggests "He most likely does not have the power he offered to have as soon as he was younger any type of more". Just like this paraphrase, and simply choose the words energetic or virile, it could, yet does not need to, carry a sex-related undertone.

Got-up-and-gone is not an idiom, it is simply a previous tense rendering of the idiom get-up-and-go understood non-idiomatically (i.e. "stood up and went away" fairly than "was energetic/ambitious").


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