On “m y . l i f e,” Cole recruits 21 Savage and Morray for a track on which they comment on the battles of their particular come-ups and also the benefits of their perseverance. They… Read More 

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Oh, you came tright here, GodYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahOh, LordNo issue exactly how, no issue how lengthy it take, yeahNo matter how lengthy it take, niggaOh, God, yeahYou better beSpiralin' up, just like a well-off nigga stairsituation (Spiral up)No fly zone, please stay the fuck out my airarea (Out my face)Niggas say points behind backs that they wouldn't dare say (Dare say)Know it's on sight when I see you, I'm workin' at SquarespaceYeah, top of the mornin', I recognize that you assumed I was dormantWoke up early on from shots that were swarmin'A block full of opps, now the cops in an orbitGuess somebody acquired popped, currently thеy knockin' on doorsTryna uncover an informant however I ain't view NathanI'm mindin' my business as God is my witnessNo weapon gon' prospеr that’s formin' against meNigga, I'm starvin', immenselyKcurrently when I'm done with these songs, you gon' miss meJa Morant, I'm on my GrizzlyYou niggas simply cubs yet no, not the ones in the massive leaguesAfter The Fall Off, I promise I'm comin' to sellin' out Wrigley'sNigga, I'm just a product of poverty, full of narcotics to profit off quicklyMy household tree acquired a background of customers that struggle through demonsNot really the hustler instinctsThus, regularly, my pockets was emptySo while some of my partners was servin' up rocks on the corners, the task assembliesMe, I was startin' to envy, wanna be on the top wright here it's plentyWanna be in the spot choose where eincredibly bitch desire me choose Rihanna droppin' new FentyWhat I watch in the sky, the 'Ville is the ceilin', can't reach up as well high, evidentlyNah, shit, I can't reach up too high, evidentlyNever seen no one drivin' a BentleyI can't be out right here moppin' up Wendy's
>My life is all I haveMy rhymes, my pen, my padAnd I done made it out the struggle, don't judge meWhat you sayin' currently won't budge me'Cause wbelow I come from (Come from), so frequently (So often)People you flourish up with layin' in a coffinBut I done survived the pain and also strifeIt's my time now, my world, my life, my lifeSay what? The stuff that I've seen gained me traumatizedI let the K go once Johnny diedSwangin' that muhfucka' side to sideWe don't participate, ain't with that squashin' shit, all we believe in is homicideI acquired an excellent heart, so I send teddy bears eincredibly time we make they mommas cryI pray that my past ain't ahead of me (21)When I'm in love, I love greatly (On God)If you betray me, you dead to me (21)I disrespect you respectcompletely (Straight up)I got some partners who left this EarthMaybe the pain made a much better me (On God)Just know that they tricks is preserved through me (On God)I feel prefer the roads is in debt with me (Straight up)I offered my heart amethod to all the dawg hoes 'reason that's that welcomed me (21)I blame my pops for that shit 'cause if he didn't fail, he could've corrected me (21)Give all the props to my momma 'reason no matter what, she constantly safeguarded me (On God)I promise you, it ain't no checkin' me (On God)Jump in the water, acquire wet via me (Straight up, 21, 21)You want my money or wanna have actually sex with me?Can't let the opps or the legislation get the best of meI get to answerin', you get to testin' meI check out chicken, you niggas is breastern to mePlanted a seed however it ain't a sesameCan't let you niggas or bitches grow next to me

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>My life is all I haveMy rhymes, my pen, my padAnd I done made it out the battle, don't judge meWhat you sayin' now won't budge me'Cause where I come from (Come from), so frequently (So often)People you grow up through layin' in a coffinBut I done survived the pain and also strifeIt's my time now, my human being, my life, my life