The Beards of Star Wars

There’s little bit dispute over who shot first among true Star Wars fans. That said, through the release of Battlefront 2 (the newest iteration of the venerable Star Wars video game series) we have learned that Solo might have additionally shaved first, prior to letting his beard grow post-Return of the Jedi in that in-between time before we pick up through him in A Force Awakens (review below for even more details). Star Wars has actually long been a bastion of facial hair so it renders feeling that Han may have actually embraced the fully bearded look eventually. It can be said that through the original Star Wars being a product of the 1970’s it was just organic for tbelow to be beards, chops, and moustaches in a galaxy much, far ameans. With that blueprint laid, it’s been fascinating to view the style proceed throughout the prequels, sequels and associated works. With The Last Jedi releasing this week we wanted to take a minute to evaluation some of the good Star Wars beards and moustaches that have graced our display screens over the years. 

(NO spoilers for The Last Jedi right here, mild spoilers for the other films. But let"s be hocolony, there"s no means you"re reading this if you haven"t seen them all already.)

The Prequel Trilogy 

Within minutes of The Phantom Menace beginning, Qui Gon Jinn appears on display screen sporting a well-kept yet rugged complete beard. We’re eventually greeted by other members of the Jedi Council who favor the beard: Ki Adi Mundi with his snowy goatee and also moustache combo and the profoundly well-follicled Oppo Rancisis, who might have actually the longest beard shown in Star Wars background. We also uncover some of the top class of Naboo sporting nice beards, Governor Sio Bibble’s puckish ducktail among them.Attack of the Clones provided us a stellar example of the timeless dad ‘stache via an alien twist in Dexter Jettster the diner prepare. (We’re not quite certain what’s going on via his chin whiskers, this might be the galaxy’s first neckbeard.) This film also grants us better proof of the Jedi’s love for beards as Count Dooku is introduced. Actor Christopher Lee sporting activities an impeccably manicured complete beard, making his fall to the Dark Side also more tragic for admirers of facial hair.

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From height left to bottom right: Qui Gon Jinn, Ki Adi Mundi, Oppo Rancisis, Sio Bibble, Dexter Jettster, Count Dooku

Many of those aforementioned show up for the prequel finale, Revenge of the Sith. We check out Bail Organa’s regal goatee on-screen a little bit even more and are presented to the lightly bearded Owen Lars (neither pictured), Luke Skywalker’s future adoptive father. But the a lot of vital beard we enrespond to here throughout the prequels is that of Obi Wan Kenobi. For all the legitimate gripes fans have about the prequels, few take worry via Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi Wan. Channeling Sir Alec Guinness’s performance from A New Hope, he stays one of the truly redeeming facets of the prequel series. We first enrespond to him clean-shaven as Qui Gon’s padawan, by the second and also 3rd film he is sporting a well-groomed full beard, maybe an homage to his fallen Master.


The Initial Trilogy

Back to wbelow it all actually began, the original trilogy is chock complete of great 70’s facial hair. From the begin we are treated to some classical sideburns on a couple of of the Rebels fighting aboard the Tantive IV. When Luke runs off to sign up with the Rebellion we satisfy his buddy Biggs Darklighter, an X-Wing Pilot via a pretty sweet moustache. And who might forgain Jek Porkins! Before tragically being shot dvery own over the Death Star, the chubby X-Wing pilot impressed us with his close-cropped complete beard. The Rebels verified proof of beards in leadership, as well. General Dodonna in A New Hope and General Crix Madine in Rerevolve of the Jedi both have actually respectable beards (though in an initiative to be transparent, Crix Madine’s beard is…fake. Kenner had currently started creating the action figure for the character, they offered him a beard, so manufacturing gave actor Dermot Crowley a beard, too.) The Imperials favored a more clean-cut look. One of the points we love around the original trilogy is how it transposed the 60’s and also 70’s countersociety and also anti-facility vibe into the Rebel/Imperial dichotomy. You watch it in the contrast of their unidevelops and also in their varying philosophies to armed forces company. You likewise view it in their haircuts and also facial hair, the Empire keeps it high and also tight while the Rebellion is more shaggy and also stormy about the edges. That’s not to say that there weren’t some moments of Imperial facial hair excellence, particularly in regard to Admiral Ozzell’s moustache. It was neat and also tidy, appropriate up till he was… forced… into a very early retirement.One of my favorite Star Wars facial hair moments comes in a quick appearance from character actor John Ratzenberger who was best known for his duty as Cliff Clavin on the televsion display Cheers. He plays a Rebel on Hoth base, his perfect pushbroom moustache in full result (not pictured, yet feel totally free to Google). And speaking of moustaches, let’s not forgain the most stylish guy in any type of Star Wars film to day, Lancarry out Calrissian. His dapper ‘stache attracted a perfect line above that brilliant smile and also somehow enhanced his already incalculable charm.

From peak left to bottom right: Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins, General Dodonna, General Crix Madine, Lancarry out Calrissian, Admiral Ozzel

And of course tright here is Obi Wan, older and also wizened by his time invested beneath the twin suns of Tatooine. While actor Alec Guinness was notoriously disinterested in the space opera he was starring in, he does bring an extremely zen-like placidity to the role. His striking white beard imparts a feeling of intellect and deep wisdom, the perfect grandfather-figure to a young Luke Skywalker. Though he is just existing for the first episode of the trilogy, Obi Wan casts a long shadow over the continuing to be movies, a visibility felt and also heard by Luke and checked out in spectral form throughout.



Rogue One (And Some Bonus Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders)

Rogue One, as a direct prequel to the occasions of A New Hope, had the task of reproducing much of the look and also feel of that first and also original Star Wars film. It did so through aplomb, bringing an also darker and also grittier vibe. It also carried beards earlier in full pressure (pun!). As you have the right to watch pictured here, several of the Rebel pilots were prominently bearded and moustached, as were many type of of the main personalities. Bodhi Rook, the Imperial defector with a heart of gold, sports a lean beard. The previous guardian monk, Baze Malbus, is distinguished by his shaggy hair and complete beard. Onderonian Resistance leader Saw Gerrera was fighting ago against the Empire prior to it was cool, and sporting activities a grizzly beard which only adds to the menace of his physical visibility. Galen Erso, the tragically misled creator of the Death Star additionally wore a complete beard as he lived out his final days in hiding.

From top left to bottom right: Rebel pilots, Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus, Saw Gerrera, Galen Erso

Perhaps of biggest note is the film"s male lead, Cassian Andor. His roguish nature and also grey-area principles make him among the more exciting and complex personalities in the Star Wars pantheon. His thin beard accents his ambiguity and also adds to his knavish charm.


Dipping into the extended world, Marvel took over the rights for Star Wars comics as soon as Disney acquired the franchise, and they have actually given us a nice enhancement to the Star Wars Facial Hair Club. In the first run of Darth Vader comics we our presented to Inspector Thanoth, and also he looks pretty damned Imperial with his outstanding muttonchops and also linked moustache. The recent Star Wars Rebels animated series has actually additionally upped the facial hair ante, from the beefy beard of former clone commander Captain Rex to Rebel Kanan Jarrus showcasing an outstanding sculpted beard in the show’s later on seasons. On the Imperial side, we have actually Admiral Konstantine through his impeccable moustache and Agent Kallus with a destructive pair of broadside chops.And despite some conflict via EA’s abovementioned Star Wars Battlefront 2, the game did give us Han Solo, the OG scruffy-looking nerf herder in all his full-bearded glory. When we capture up through him aobtain in A Force Awakens he’s earlier to a grizzled little bit of 5 o’clock shadow. As much as we’d love to watch the complete beard in live activity it doesn’t show up likely, though who knows what’s in keep for the newly announced Solo: A Star Wars Story?

From height left to bottom right: Inspector Thanoth, Agent Kallus, Captain Rex, Admiral Konstantine, Kanan Jarrus, a fully-bearded Han Solo

The Force Awakens

The long-awaited and also once-thought-impossible sequel to the original trilogy opened up with a film that is as a lot homage to what came before it as it is its very own new pet. While critics were harsh on the plot framework of yet an additional Death Star-esque MacGuffin to ruin, fans were riveted by the extension of the story they hold so dear. And the beards are back, beginning with the enigmatic Lor San Tekka. We only accomplish him briefly prior to his demise but his presence is felt strongly. We are also introduced to Poe Dameron, the dashing Rebel pilot. While he doesn’t have actually a full beard or moustache, that ever-existing shadow is simply enough to let you recognize there’s a hellacious beard waiting to be grown. Maybe we’ll view Poe increase to the difficulty by Episode IX. Snap Wexley on the other hand proudly sports a full beard. As the leader of Blue Squadron he plays a significant role in the attack on Starkiller Base.

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From left to right: Lor San Tekka, Poe Dameron, Snap Wexley

That brings us to our final Star Wars beard, and probably the biggest of all. Luke Skywalker. We’ve watched our hero ascfinish from naive hick farm boy to the a lot of effective force wielder in the galaxy. He’s been tempted by the Dark Side, he’s organized his dying father in his arms, he’s experienced some as-yet-not-fully-revealed tragedy in the intervening years in between Jedi and Force Awakens, and he’s exiled himself to a rocky island on a distant surprise earth. So it’s not unmeant that once we finally fulfill him aacquire, he’s looking a small wild and also stormy. His beard tells a story, the greying patches reflect a life hard-lived while the mere presence evokes thoughts of his master, Obi Wan. For fans, tbelow couldn’t have been a more effective note to leave on, and we’re all incredibly much looking forward to seeing even more of Luke (and also his beard!) in The Last Jedi.



Honorable Mentions

We"d be remiss if we didn"t cite the beard that started it all, that of George Lucas himself. His beard game is years strong and has always been an ideas. George, if you"re reading, drop us an e-mail, we"d love to collection you up with some product! And of course we have to pay respect to the walking beard himself, Chewbacca. Little recognized fact: Chewie is our #1 customer. He buys a 55 gallon drum of beard oil about eexceptionally six months, as it takes a lot to store all that wookie fur looking healthy and balanced and shiny. (His favorite scent is Wisdom, our woodsy blfinish.)




Thanks for joining us on this journey, we’ll check out you in the theater this weekfinish, and also may the force be through you!