Special-function applications incorporate every one of the adhering to except????..1). Net authoring programs2). database management systems3). multimedia development programs4). online reality programs

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1. Graphical picture?s that represent an item like file, folder etc, are???..

2. As compared to diskettes, the tough disks are

3. The updays that are applied to database before it becomes effective in real world

4. A small biomedical tool currently on the market that can be implanted underneath the skin for identification functions is dubbed the:

5. What function adjusts the top and also bottom margins so that the message is centred vertically on the printed page?

6. In a website the ?homepage? refers to

7. Small application programs that run on a Net page and might ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are recognized as_____

8. Supermanuscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are well-known as

9. SDL stands for

10. The executable file for Windows Explorer is_______.

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