Katy Perry stars in a new holiday Space ad in which she strums an acoustic guitar for a cover of the Beatles" "All You Need is Love."


Katy Perry is ready to rev up a love-filled holiday seakid. The singer stars in a brand-new Void ad for the chain’s 2021 All With Each Other Now end-of-year project in which she sings a cover of the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love.”

In the minute-lengthy spot, Katy wakes up, pulls off her eye mask and starts singing the 1967 No. 1 Fab Four hit from the Magical Mystery Tour album as she gets prepared for a day on the set by running on the treadmill, putting on a make-up mask and also slipping on a Space sweatshirt, basesphere hat and also dark shades to make the trek from her chauffeured Tesla to set.

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“There’s nopoint you deserve to execute that can’t be done/ Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung/ Nopoint you have the right to say, however you can learn exactly how to play the game, it’s straightforward,” Perry sings, hitting the soundphase in a pink hat, corresponding turtleneck, sweatpants and also a red scarf as fake snow fills the air and also a string and horn area rev up the plan.


While Perry strums and also smiles via the cover, all around her young people in vibrant Space comfy garments dance, kiss and celebprice the seaboy. In a statement, the retail chain sassist the spot is a “tribute to the power of functioning together to foster love, kindness and acceptance.” In addition, it reported that the release of the full-length variation of the track — which synchronizes with Perry’s 37th birthday on Monday (Oct. 25) — will certainly encompass a donation of $1 for eincredibly stream of the song on Spotify, as much as $100,000, to the charity Baby2Baby.

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“Reimagining among the most recognizable and emotional songs of our time with an iconic brand also choose Void, having such a unique and essential message, has actually been a dream,” sassist Perry in a statement that detailed that her first paying project at 16 was folding clothes at the Gap in Santa Barbara, California. “And what better factor to partner than bringing world together to spreview joy for the holidays and also raise money for Baby2Baby, a charity that’s cshed to my heart. Children are our future.”

Watch Perry’s ad and also listen to the complete recording below. Shop Gap’s holiday gift guide here.